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January 20, 2021, 03:34:52 AM


GP Bikes beta19 available! :)

Hawk's rant

Started by Hawk, September 14, 2018, 09:05:03 AM

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"Obviously your ambition outweighs your talent".



Have you not got anything else written down? (not nessecerrily in a tutorial form) but you surely have all the processes noted somewhere?
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September 18, 2018, 12:12:53 AM #32 Last Edit: September 18, 2018, 12:16:38 AM by Hawk
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So, to recap: I work alone on four projects and Hawk blames the poor tools. Meanwhile his favourite sim, developed by a full studio focusing on one software only, ...
Oh the humanity!  :P
Quote from: PiBoSo on September 17, 2018, 08:14:08 PM

To be clear: not trying to defend the GPB modding tools and documentation...
Just having fun with the irony of citing as reference a development studio that is actually severely lacking  ;D

Firstly with all respect Piboso - Can I point out that indeed rFactor 2 is my favourite "CAR" simulation(for obvious reasons), but also that GPBikes is my favourite "BIKE" Simulation....... ;)

My opinion on what I think is going on with the modding side of rFactor 2: It is my opinion that Studio 397 will and are trying to shift the modding over to contracted third party modders but also to allow other non-contracted third party modders to only submit(but not publish) their mods for possible inclusion for rFactor 2 content and potential third party contracts for possible future mod project content inclusion..... I believe open modding for rFactor 2 in it's pure form will end simply because they are now wanting very good and professional quality mod content only, in my opinion..... Take the Karting mod as an example of what I think will end up being the only way, for third party mod-dev's, to produce accepted mods for rFactor 2 in the very near future. It allows Studio 397 to keep control of the mod content and that will in itself keep rFactor 2's reputation in tact as well as lead to increased sales, in my opinion, and obviously some people are objecting to that transition(whether they realise it or not) from open modding to contracted third-party modding only..... Let's wait and see what happens with that opinion.  ;)

As far as anything else said is concerned..... Let's just wait and see shall we. :P ;D


Well IMO one of the problems with GP Bikes is that mods are very different and are not unified in matter of physics, behaviour, camera position and so on. One bikes are very realistic and others are more like arcade racing. As was said before without proper modding support making the content that will be enjoyable takes a lot of time. Honestly if the models and tracks werent ported from other games, GP Bikes would be boring very fast.


Quote from: PiBoSo on September 17, 2018, 07:35:26 PM


So, to recap: I work alone on four projects and Hawk blames the poor tools. Meanwhile his favourite sim, developed by a full studio focusing on one software only, ...
Oh the humanity!  :P

I Think this is the main problem, with all respect i have to you, it is almost impossible and i don't either understand how did you manage to hold that till now. When big studio is focusing on specalized simulation game nowaday , you're develloping 4 sim alone  ;D. The good thing is that you're polishing the base physics of all you're sim, wich is ok for me, but not everybody is that patient.

If i can tell you an advice, i think you should take a full year devellopement on a particular sim (WRS, GPB or MXB) cause KRP is already on steam. Polish it, and make some new base content and documentation, and release it on steam, then switch on other sim for the next year and so on ...

The thing is that you're jumping for sim to sim almost each month, so you almost make all your sim customer wait for 4years at least to have a significant stat of devellopement. I think you have to choose wich sim is the most sustainable commercialy, then prioritize it.

My 2 cents !


Since years i want to create a complete video and written tutorial for track, i made some and posted here, but not a complete one.
So my problem is "TIME" it is very long to do a track, to make chapter, making error and note them for those who probably will do them to.
Another problem is the different manner to do a track, conversion from rfactor, 1,2, from assetto corsa or other sim, texture size, missing texture after import, wich application used, 3ds max, blender, maya ?
So many things. And of course the quality of the original track.
Even with a track i made with bobs track builder or race track builder or 3dsmax it asks to think about many little detail for the smoothing of the road.

My only question is:
Will we have a edf and so exporter for more recent 3dsmax one day, 2010 become very old and limited.
Thank you


Just to throw my 2 cents in here...Even though I'm just one of the "2 or 3" guys that has interest in WRS.  ::)

If PiBoSo does the few things NEEDED for a proper dirt sim, WRS will be the base for a dirt sim that can be even better than iracing, which will draw a huge volume of sales for the software. There is very modest interest here now because there is nothing to bring them here. PiBoSo laid out the base for it but there is very little finished content available. That will soon change.

As far as rf2. I have released a fairly successful sim based on their engine so honestly would prefer to work with it. I think the physics capabilities are great, graphics are starting to catch up, and its netcode is very strong. However, It's dynamic surface is not suitable for dirt, and never will be. Ever since the European studio took over they have made a lot of good changes but have shown absolutely no interest in correctly implimenting dirt specific features. When ISI who is based in Michigan, US (dirt country) was developing it, they had planned on it, but now that 396 took over, they are clearly focused on asphault road racing. Even if they did dynamic dirt there are still oval dirt specific features that they would not do.

iRacing is the "creme of the crop" for dirt racing right now and while it is pretty good, there are a lot of room for improvement. I talk to many people that are in strong favor of some competition in the area.