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August 19, 2019, 11:19:42 pm


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Game not recognizing controller ?

Started by BikeyFrog, October 19, 2018, 05:51:51 pm

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 Hi guys. I made my own controller using an arduino leonardo micro. It works great on the windows calibrate thing but I can't get the game to even start when it's plugged in ? When I unplug it the game will start then I plug in and it recognizes leonardo . It will not however do anything. Am I missing a program I'm supposed to be running with it or something with xinput etc.... I've made many other car racing controllers and have never had this kind of problem. I've got joystick library installed etc. Any help with setup or files I'm supposed to alter or whatever would be greatly appreciated... Thanks guys.


Welcome   :)

Sounds like you might need to calibrate the controller in game, look here http://forum.piboso.com/index.php?topic=5312.0


Hey thanks for the reply man . I've played quite a bit and have calibrated all of my controllers.... I can't seem to get it to do anything in game calibration though... it's strange as it works fine on the windows calibration screen but not in gp bikes... I read something about xinput. From what I understand though it's already installed in the newer versions. It's very strange. I've looked on the forum and elsewhere for almost a week but I can't find the problem. It's a shame because on the windows calibration screen it works like butter...


GPB is a bit different to most games with its internal controller calibration, before you try and assign controls make sure you hit the button in red below and go through all the axis -

If you've done this did it list your controller and did it register the axis at all?


Thanks for the reply 8) I have it working in windows but game won't even start when the controller is plugged in ? When I start the game without it plugged in it starts no problem.  When I plug in controller it recognizes but no movement on game calibration screen....