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Dedicated server - working except on my pc with 1 mod

Started by RIDER, November 05, 2018, 01:46:42 am

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Started a dedicated server, purpose is for WSBK 15. When hosting other mods it works, when hosting WSBK 15 others can connect but not me from my other pc. Never finishes syncing but server says ive disconnected.

Ive tried a clean install/profile and the mods were copied from my pc that cant connect. Not sure what else to look into.

Also worth noting when hosting from my gaming pc, ive noticed some people cant connect only when hosting wsbk15. Not sure if they just didnt wait long enough cause the mod takes longer to sync. Ive done clean installs of the mod from different sources same problem while others can connect reliably. It's up if anyone wants to see if they can connect.