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May 24, 2019, 04:53:35 am


World Racing Series beta14 available! :)

PiBoSo and simracing youtubers

Started by PiBoSo, November 05, 2018, 09:19:39 pm

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I personally think the UI is fine, though some touching up here and there (and including support for 16:9) might liven things up.
There is however one big problem with it (just like with isiMotor based sims): stuff takes forever to load. Even off an SSD... And during loading some might get the idea the process has hung.
Also, indeed, it's about time to replace that horrible sound effect for mouse hover.

Another problem I think I had already mentioned at some point is that the products names are working against you, Piboso. They can't get any more generic than that. Try talking about "GP Bikes" with someone who never heard of Piboso, what will be the first thing coming into their mind? The actual GP bikes, not the sim. Kart Racing Pro is not a whole lot better in that regard, whereas KartKraft does sound like a game name. And for better marketing you need names that stick. I, for one, used to forget what KRP's name was. It's that generic...

Your best bet, in my opinion, is GP Bikes though, not KRP. That product is simply unique, unlike WRS, KRP or even MXB. And I'm happy it's getting more love as of late. It needs, however, to have its glaring issues fixed ASAP. And please do something about the ground kicking. It has not helped me ONCE, yet it made me go into a wall way too often.