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January 22, 2020, 11:17:14 pm


World Racing Series beta14 available! :)

New to this

Started by sweden, November 20, 2018, 03:04:55 pm

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Hello !! ive been downloading alot of bikes and tracks and all i get to work is the tracks and i tried to play online
but it tells me "wrong category" ive tried to understand by reading the tutorial and i put bikes and mods in my gp bikes map
but i cant get it to work,,
its to hard for me to understand im not either good in english and not a "technical" guy ,, lol .
dont know if this is the right thread but im very thankful to get some help to get it work for me,
best moto simulator ive played, been playing alot of mx simulator back in the days,
very fun. have a good evening // Robin!!


Hello Robin

Välkommen to the forum :)

Can you go into Testing with any bikes Or can you just not get online?



Hi and welcome.
So your folders must be like this:
                 (all bikes you want)
                 (all tyres needed by the bikemod)
                 (all tge tracks you dream)
                 (there will be the stand for the rear wheel of
                  the bikes)

Correct me others please if im wrong (not on my pc so no direct visual.


Thank you i will try the skins soon, yes i can go test but not get online, it says "wrong category" ,,  :o


Hello again !! actually i got the skins and bikes to work, thank you so much. but its some wierd things going on, first when i choose a bike motogp18 it doesnt show the bike in the lobby only the rider. and when i try to connect to a server it says, "bike missmatch" ,, ive tried to put skins and bikes on other places in my folders but i think i got stuck again, dont know what the problem is,  :-\


The bike not showing in the Lobby is if you haven't got the correct tyres installed. It is recommended that you download all of the current tyres (as the do not take up much space) then see if this fixes your issue.

"Bike Mismatch"  is most likely because you have a different version to what is on the server.

And as Janaucarre has posted, Bikes go in the Bikes folder Tyres in the Tyres etc...

Paints go inside each bike folder (you can make a folder in the Bikes folder with the name of the bike you wish to have paints for, just copy it from the .pkz file and add another folder inside that called paints)

                 "BIKE .pkz FILE NAME"