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Converting Real Steel

Started by Dr. Cassius Cock, November 20, 2018, 04:52:30 PM

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Dr. Cassius Cock

Hey people,
I had this idea in mind for a pretty long time now (due to the fact that there is no mass market controller for motorcycles) but finding this gem (again) lit up the fire again.
So, I've got my old Cagiva Mito laying around in pieces (after it had a pretty intense love affair with a gravel pit) but most of it is still good in terms of it being straight.
My idea is to convert it, step by step, into a usable controller.

The main concept is that it is standing on a base which is attached to the frame so that the fork is free floating, the rear assembly is completely usable and you can slightly hangoff due to vr immersion. Now I want to start with the steering (obviously) and frontbraking etc. Brake and Clutch are fairly simple, the one with hydraulic sensors the other with cable and springs but the steering, boy the steering I'm not sure about.
Initially I thought about keeping the axle of the fork which then connects to a potentiometer in the middle down at the base via cogs and stuff but I've (at least for now) changed my mind to utilizing the steering damper. I thought about having a linear potentiometer attached to it. With that method I wouldn't have to keep the forks in and could use them for other stuff later on ... like lean damping or smth like that ;)

Has anybody any experience in trying something similar? I mean, reading the "real" input of the handlebar/fork? Or has anybody another/better idea?
Help, comments and ideas are highly appreciated!!

Thanks in advance.


Magnet against the inside of the steer tube and a linear hall effect device on a bracket from the frame so the magnet rotates around the hall device, cheap, noise free and no gears required.