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lets see your xb controller settings.

Started by RobinHoodUKIP, November 26, 2018, 12:05:16 am

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when i first started, had a play around with controller settings and thought id made some progress on making things more comfortable for me.
everytime i go online i seem to be 5 to 10 seconds off the pace, always presumed others were on more accurate handlebar controllers, but had a chat to guy 10secs faster a lap than me on xbox controller exactly the same as me, i felt like a was riding my @ss off on the knife edge.
so perhaps my controller settings are making life harder and i dont know it?
so asking what settings other xbox controller guys are using? honestly not wanting a competitive edge, would just prefer not to feel like im holding others up.
mostly feel like my turning settings are off...
rider f/b lean left stick
rider l/r lean A D
direct lean 31%
deadzone 10%
linearity 38%
smooth X
press 25%
release 25%
gain 100%


One thing that sticks out to me is your linearity being very low @38%, is there a particular reason for this?


Quote from: teeds on November 26, 2018, 08:47:38 am
One thing that sticks out to me is your linearity being very low @38%, is there a particular reason for this?

been a while so hard to remember, but these values are as high as i went until it felt good at the time so just left it as is. il try higher and get back to you. :)


k, just put it up to 60% and knocked 5seconds off a lap, much smoother on turn in and exit. could do with a little more sharper feel mid corner on max lean, so il keep tweaking. cheers fella thanks for pointing me in the right direction.  ;D ;D ;D


From what you've said might be a good idea to try playing with a higher direct lean too. Also 10% dead zone is high unless you have a very worn or noisy controller axis.


I use an Xbox One controller with extended thumbsticks from my broken elite controller which helps but my settings are

I use automatic lean and no overrides (don't know if i'd be faster if i did)
Direct Lean: 60%

Lean(Left Stick)
Deadzone: 0%
Linearity: 100%
Smooth: Off

Throttle(Right Trigger)
Deadzone: 0%
Linearity: 100%
Smooth: Off

Brake(Left Trigger)
Deadzone: 0%
Linearity: 100%
Smooth: Off

Rear Brake(Right Stick Down)
Deadzone: 10%
Linearity: 100%
Smooth: Off
Gain: 100%

Clutch(Right Stick Up)
Deadzone: 6%
Linearity: 100%
Smooth: Off
Gain: 100%

Shift Up(Left Bumper)
Shift Down(Right Bumper)

I wouldn't say i'm that fast but I don't think i'm too bad.
Also my thumsticks have a decent amount of play (deadzones on Clutch and Rear Brake) but I don't like a deadzone on lean I use my thumbstick in like a half moon arching from the top so cant have anything mapped to Up.

like this.


November 26, 2018, 06:39:39 pm #6 Last Edit: November 26, 2018, 06:42:24 pm by Vini
Quote from: Vini on November 09, 2015, 07:31:23 am
*assume no smoothing (press/release) and no deadzone*
*everything manual / no riding aids*
*everything 100% linear & gain*
*100% direct lean*
rider movement (fully manual) - right stick (smoothed 100%)
throttle - right trigger
front brake - left trigger
steering (Lean) - left stick (left/right)
clutch - left stick up (deadzone 25%)
rear brake - left stick down (deadzone 15%)
upshift - right shoulder button
downshift - left  shoulder button
head movement - digi pad
pit limiter - digi pad up
gestures - X & B
low speed movement forwards / backwards - Y / A
change view - back
reset bike - start

...R3 would be the perfect button for activating the leg dangle manually.