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How to Tyre wear,dirt texture. and LCD texture?

Started by Yohji, March 12, 2015, 11:40:19 AM

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hi all.

You know, We making CBR250R mod, model part is 80% done. but I can't Find how to working Tyre textures(Slick/rain , new/wear, clean/dirt and side rims) and also I don't know how to working Cockpit LCDs... :-\

and I want working Chain too.

anyone knows?



Hi Yohji. Only can help with the LCD.

In the 3D scene, the LCD texture must be named with a w_ prefix (i.e: w_disp). The coordinates of the info which will be display on the LCD is configurable on the gfx.cfg file.

An example:

         enable = 1
         texture = w_disp
         emission = 0.5
               enable = 1
               spacing = 23
               font = font1.tga
               fontstring = 0123456789N
               posx = 99
               posy = 189

The font that will work is the one you put in the bike folder (here is called "font1.tga"), and the position is the x and y from the w_disp texture coordinates (I use Photoshop to see it, but any program can shows you the coordinates).

Hope it helps.