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incredible mixed reality video

Started by poupou59890, April 10, 2019, 02:00:56 PM

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Hi everyone,

As I said in an other post (DS2 users) I received the t300rs yesterday and the feeling is AWESOME !!!!! I think this is the best way to simulate real motorbike behavior for me. The feeling to sens the wobble and dribbling on the front side is awesome, it is exactly as Marcel shows in his vieo, the game react exactly 1:1 with my steer angle/wheel rotation. I can exit pit easier than the G25 (without crashing) I can do full lap without crashing. For now I did not attached yet the handlebar on it so when everything will be plug it will be very cool for sure and the best experience with bike sim  for now. I still try to design my fix sit up rig in order to be as compact as possible but with real size too ^^ so When I receive the quick release adapter I will mount it with my hanldbars and the adventure can begin :)

SO yes it is posible to have great feeling in DS2/DSA with a FFb wheel (for me it is the simplest way to have full feeling on a bike sim) and if the rig can lean as real will be awesome (but this will be for another time)

regarding FFb yes it is extremly violent even with a t300rs so I put the slider at 25% (in GPbikes) and 100% in truthmaster panel with 50° max rotation and now everythign is perfect. real feeling on 1:1 handlebar.

I will post pictures of the rig design and wheel/handlebars system later.

I filled the brake fluid yesterday, and the feeling is good with the breka lever but I found that the range it is not as expected, not very linear and very short (a little bit ON/off) ...but I will try to adpat that later when the full rig will be built.

Can't wait to see it running on VR when I will finish my rig.


Hi, thank you for the kind words, I really have to continue with this and do a follow up video. Back then I started to build a full rig with aluminium profiles with lots of things I very enthusiastically start and I don't even know why :-D

Let me know if you have any questions on how I did it, I've setup the mail notification now.


Been waiting for a follow up!

Have you continued developing the rig?
I had to try..


Not Yet, at the moment it's a couple of aluminium profiles build to the shape of an X, the lower parts make sure it can't tip over, one upper part holds the Fanatec DD wheel base and the seat is on the other end but not properly fixed yet. Need to fix the seat and footrests including the foot leavers to control the rear brake and shifting and need to figure out how to detect those inputs. The steering is done, 3 wires go from the throttle, clutch and front brake leaver to the Fanatec ClubSport pedals pulling on each to get those inputs. Buttons on the wheel are wired to the Universal Hub the handlebar is mounted to.


Easiest way to get extra axis and buttons is Bodnar BU board as its plug n play.

Brilliant work m8

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