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September 20, 2020, 09:15:00 PM

PNT file naming...PLEASE READ

Started by doubledragoncc, May 14, 2019, 08:24:58 AM

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Firstly BIG THANKS to all for your paints, models and plugins. YOU make GPBikes what it is!!!

I do however have a major issue to bring up with you all.......... pnt names.

Many of you spend a lot of time on making liveries and paints for bikes, suits and helmets, but you then only spend the shortest time on the pnt name. The pnt name is very important. Sometimes I will download 5 or 6 paint files only to find they are just pnt files and not in folders and even when in folders the name is just Valentino Rossi 2018 or so simple you would not have a clue what its for if ever anything happens to your GPB. Also I want to start a database for paints and its going to be a nightmare to organize as it is lol.

We started a long time ago to have a formula to pnt names so that is is easy to know just by the pnt name what its for AND it is actually easier to upload and download just ONE file that a zip with folders to get it to the right place!!!! JUST use the formula and all you need to do is upload the pnt file and nothing else.

As an example pnt file I got was just  Valentino Rossi, is it for a bike, for the rider or for a helmet? how would I know? Do you know how many have made rossi paints lol, my point is that when downloading more than one pnt file you can end up with many pnt files and not know where they go or what they are for.

We started way back to use a formula that made it easy but has been dropped with many new members not doing it.

You dont have to use underscore like BMW_S1000RR or the full bike or class name just enough to make it clear what its for.

There is a maximum of 32 letters and numbers you can use in the name.

It is best when the name is written as below:

Object Name: Bike Class, Rider Class, Helmet Type: STK1000_14 for STK1000_2014

Model Name: BMWS1000 for BMW_S1000RR

Personal Name: What you want to call it or a Team name: IAS Racing for my Team or any name

Number: A race number if used: 63

This gives: STK1000_14 BMW1000 IAS Racing 63.pnt

I know its long BUT how long did you spend on painting? 

It is important so please can you start using this formula to help save paints being misplaced or lost.

Hope you know I am just trying to make it easier for everyone to know what pnt file is for what.

Keep up the great work guys and thank you.

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