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The Lumberbar/MCCC/M300/M301

Started by Chris_Beeves, May 06, 2019, 09:07:40 pm

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The "fork" came out OK, and some of the parts for the front brake were fine. The top clamp and the belt pulley however got warped at some point during the print and messed up the top layers, but it's good enough for a prototype.
Always fun to see the parts designed in CAD coming to life.

Booked the printers this Wednesday again, so hopefully better luck then. :) 
I had to try..


Bad luck this time too! The filament got stuck in the very end and the print was stopped. Bearing brackets, load cell holder and a 100 tooth belt pulley came out great though, so I just need to redo a few parts.

Load cell front brake bracket:

I'll probably go for a hydraulic system in the future, but this wire solution actually gives quite a good feel. Nice blend between firm and flexy.
I had to try..