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Are Milestone working on VR for their games?

Started by Myst1cPrun3, May 04, 2019, 08:51:17 PM

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I was fettling with some of the graphics settings for ride 3, as to me it looks a little saturated and fake, and I came across some file changes to make in the 'engine.cfg' folder, at this location:


All these files are relevant to ride 3, and are installed when ride 3 is installed, and the things that stood out to me was the addition of an 'Oculus.cfg', and while it is blank, there is some base code for an Oculus in the 'Engine.cfg' folder.

I don't know if these files are default for unreal engine, and are standard across all the games using it, but it did get me wondering if Milestone were experimenting with adding VR onto their PC releases, which could make their games even more awesome, and should they add 'proper sim handling' well....  :o

Are these files default with the Unreal engine, as I've not been able to find any, but then again I don't have many Unreal games installed

Here are some Screens:


I think its possible to use VR googles to freelook. Dakar 18 which I also play, and is based on UE has similar files. Some people used VR Googles to freelook and they said it works well.

Anyway I doubt they will work on full Oculus support. They dont have that much time... 


I read Monster Energy Supercross from Milestone could be run in VR thanks to the engine. Not officially supported but it apparently basically worked with the right switch.


Unreal Engine allows a lot. I have to get in touch with Milestone for a customer about VR and Motion data output which from what Igor at DOF Reality told me in a long discusion it only is a couple of days work to get data output but not sure about VR but is process.

I will let you know IF and when Milestone bother to answer emails

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