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July 14, 2020, 03:43:53 AM


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What tracks/bikes do people use to practice?

Started by Myst1cPrun3, July 06, 2019, 10:36:10 PM

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I've recently started running Enna Pergusa as a practice track, as it focuses on all the areas I have been weakest at. (Hard Braking and Line Accuracy)

You really have to brake as late as possible, and 'thread the needle' very accurately through most of the turns to get it right, and most of them lead onto a large straight so you really notice any loss of pace on exits too.

For me its a good track to learn the limits of a bike, and understand GPB's braking characteristics a little more.
Because of its difficulty to 100% maximise its really satisfying to get right.

Previously I've not been a big fan of the 2014 STK 1000, as I felt it was dated, and I couldn't understand its behaviour on the brakes/turn in, which resulted in some god awful setup changes.

I feel like I've made some inroads into using the bike, and actually began to enjoy it a little more after a session on Enna P.

This got me thinking as to what track/bike combos to people use to hotlap in, or what their fav bike track combos are?

As I've just said I love Enna, and I should use it more often, and I do love the Yamaha cup Bikes, (R3 (while its a WSSP 300 denotation in GPB there aren't any more so I guess its a Yamaha Cup Machine), R6, and R1, and I quite like the new 250 Single Remake.

Wheelie Fun Track

Sliding into next week OK I'll stop

Enna's airtime is a bonus too...