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The State of Modern MotoGP, Past and Future.....

Started by Hawk, July 18, 2019, 12:00:46 PM

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ABS: This is perhaps the only thing I disagree with. It is perhaps more unsafe as it removes feel from the brakes and upsets the bike, as well as reducing the available braking force.

TCS: For road bikes, (above a 125) it is almost a MUST HAVE. especially in the UK where our roads are utter b*****s, and there is oil/diesel everywhere, it can be a life saver. I'm all for the thrill of riding the bike, but I'd actually like to ride the bike, not fall over on oil a 1993 diesel bus dropped as it's an old PoS... On the road this is an absolute MUST, to say people are less of a biker, or old farts because of it, is incredibly naive, horrendously detached from reality, and frankly... Stupid.

Cruise Control: I get the appeal, and in a van or car it's great. Not sure how it would work on a motorcycle however. I'd have to try it I guess.

Power Modes: Not so much necessary, but it allows much more choice when riding. It means the same bike can be calm and tame on a commute to work, but then still put up a good show on the track, with minimal fuss. It opens up so much more for fuel economy as well, making it useful for those adventure/off road bikes.When combined with a flyby wire throttle that can have curves mapped to it rather than just a cable, it really enables customisation for a rider, and allows them to get the most out of a bike 100% suited to them.
Extremely useful it they're new to either riding, or the bike, or both.

Quick Shifter: A really satisfying piece of equipment to use. Once one is used, it is very unlikely the rider will go back to without, given the choice.
Combined with reverse GP shifting it is a hugely enjoyable feeling, and really adds to the feeling of riding the bike. And sometimes they make a cool noise as it cuts the ignition not the fuel  ;)  ;D

(My Dad is a perfect example of quick Shifter changes, 40 years riding, adamant it isn't needed, got a new bike with one fitted. After weeks of persuasion to not take it off like he wanted, and to try it once, he now is on about flipping his shift pattern to GP to better use it. Says it's a game changer and enjoyed riding more as he could focus on the riding and not worrying about missed shifts)

Auto Blip: I haven't used one so I don't know about it. However I imagine the feeling to be very comparable to a quick-shifter.

Launch control: on road bikes this is just a willy waving tool. On race bikes it's almost essential. Depends what it's wanted for.


Quote from: poumpouny on February 23, 2021, 11:28:09 AM@hawk, you definitely born in the wrong time, but i bet that even if you were in the 2stroke hard core riding time, you will probably argue about an older way to ride bike, but anyway, you know you can just deactivate all this aid, and ride the most kamikazy way you want. It's not because you don't like it that manufacterer don't need to put it on modern bike, again until you can desactivate it !

Actually I was born in the right time..... Been privileged to have witnessed and experienced both eras first hand. ;)  :P


Quote from: Myst1cPrun3 on February 23, 2021, 01:08:50 PMABS: This is perhaps the only thing I disagree with. It is perhaps more unsafe as it removes feel from the brakes and upsets the bike, as well as reducing the available braking force.
We're talking road bikes here, not race ones. Wet road, emergency braking: I take even a half-decent ABS, you take your brake feeling and we see who comes out alive ?

Even on a dry road, if you're braking so hard the ABS is kicking in, you're probably pushing too much for a public road. So either don't, or just lower the ABS setting. If you're on a track with your bike, of course you can switch it off.