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Trouble Shooting Setups - Tips

Started by Myst1cPrun3, October 13, 2019, 10:24:27 PM

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I have had a circuit guide for a little while, and in it it has various items in it to help tune out some issues with setups.

Given GP Bikes is a Sim, these 'trouble shooting tips' should work here as well to some degree, and will definitely help a newer rider begin a foray into setting up a bike, both on track and in GP Bikes.

So here goes. I will list symptoms that are commonly found in the sim (and on track) and possible fixes for them.

Note: Sometimes there is more than one possible fix, so adjusting one value may not work and fixing one issue may cause another.

I will also hopefully get this a sub-board, and expand this to include terminolgy and such, but for now, this seems to be all that is needed.

Symptom - Forks Top Out
Fork Springs too stiff/too much preload/too little oil. (Too light of an oil can be relevant for real world machines but that is not changeable in GP Bikes)

Symptom - Forks Bottom Out

Fork springs too soft/too little preload/air gap too small/compression damping too soft

Symptom - Front End Judder(Chatter) in turns:

Insufficient Fork Rebound Damping

Symptom - Front End Judder(Chatter) on Brakes:

Too much Fork Compression Damping (Real world bikes would also check wheels and brakes for balances/warping/general condition, but generally not an issue in GPB)

Symptom - Rear Wheel Skips on Brakes:

Insufficient Rear rebound damping/rear ride height too low/Changing down gears to quickly - Especially 4 Strokes - (Can also be caused by a too low Idle, which does not affect GP Bikes)

Symptom - Bike Weaves Under Hard Braking:

Rear Ride height too high/Steering Damper too stiff (Not currently adjustable in GP Bikes, but real world riders may find this useful)/wheels out of line(Again not a thing in GP Bikes, but real world riders may find this useful)/Fork Springs too stiff/front compression damping too hard

Symptom - Bike Wallows or Judders(Chatters) through Turns:

Insufficient Rear Rebound Damping

Symptoms - High Speed straight-line weave:

Rear Spring Rate too soft/rear rebound too soft/steering damper too stiff (Not currently adjustable in GP Bikes, but real world riders may find this useful)/head races too stiff/rear ride height too low

Symptoms - Bike Unstable at Speed, Prone to Tankslappers:

Rear Rebound Damping too soft (Or too stiff, adjust either way to pinpoint), trail too short

Symptoms - Rear Wheel Judders Under Power:

Rear Compression Damping too Stiff/Rear Spring Rate too high.


Note: I did not make these tips, they come from professional racers, so before you call me out on them not being right, it ain't me who wrote them