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Can't join servers in category MGP19 0.2

Started by Federschwert, October 09, 2019, 07:22:28 pm

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Just like the title says, when i try to connect it sends me to the choice of the bike but the bike category slot is replaced by question marks and the only bike available is the 50cc. When i try to force connect it tells me "bike unknown to server" of course.

I have downloaded the entire track/bikes/helmet databases, so is the MGP19 0.2 category something that has to do with BikeMod? or maybe something with Milestone content in which case i won't be able to find it?


MotoGP 19 0.2 is downloaded from Manus Discord.

Link Here:


Also you may want Javiliyors' Discord if you don't already have it, for tracks and bikes:



All Mod files except tracks can be found on my database too:

GPBikes MODS Database

I rearranged the folders to have one link to bikes, tyres, helmets etc etc

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Thanks a lot guys! (And also thank you very much for the archiving work with your databases, doubledragoncc, it's just so god damn neat to find everything in a single place)