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December 03, 2021, 12:47:18 AM

Oculus Rift Setup

Started by dareaper46, December 02, 2019, 08:10:42 AM

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Hi guys

Haven't been active on the forum in a while, also haven't played the game in a while but played it again this weekend, and oh boy... how I am having fun again.

I do however want to try VR again. I tried it a while back and while it was cool, it wasn't functional at all for me. I couldn't lean with my headset and have that translate into my rider ingame which made the sensations very weird.

Anybody thats using VR, can you please give me a rundown of the best settings/setup to achieve the most natural best feeling VR experience.


Best setup options for VR, are fairly standard to what's already there. Only thing I  would recommend is to go into the Profile.ini file, and paste this into it.

mode = 1

That will basically lock the headset to the horizon instead of the front of the bike.

As well as this, Id use the static tank camera, (Second on board view that doesn't move normally on a flat screen). This means your head movement is the head movement in game.

Finally, and this is more of a preference thing, I use 'Rider tracking' in the options. This basically means that I control the rider movement with how far I lean with my headset, as opposed to a joystick. Adds a bit more immersion.

(I do however use auto rider lean for f/r as the tuck in rider tracking seems to not be calibrated well in GP Bikes.)


Thanks Mystic. Appreciate the info.

Will give it a go again. So when you say you control the leaning with how much you lean on with your headset, does that mean you don't lean at all anymore with joystick on controller? If so, does it feel somewhat natural?


I use the controller to lean the bike, but I use the headset to move the rider on the bike, hanging off etc.

Feels really natural to me, and is at the point I can't not use it anymore in GP Bikes.