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July 20, 2024, 10:57:58 AM


GP Bikes beta21c available! :)

MaxHUD plugin

Started by HornetMaX, September 26, 2013, 04:34:50 PM

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Callum (MK)


Thanks, i send u a gift



Super Max, thanks you're a legend.
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Saemon No Jyo


Hi all.
I amy have missed something but as i had reinstalled from the steam server, to make this work again i had to use...

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GP Bikes\plugins

as opposed to the old
C:\Program Files\GP Bikes\gpbikes\plugins

Just thought id throw it out there if anyone else gets stuck.



Yeah, I have to update the doc for the folder changes in GPB.

Just for info: I'm working on the changes to allow to drive the rumble with any of CoG acceleration (already available), rear tire overrun (already available), rear tire underrun and front tire underrun. Each of the 4 sources:
  • Can be sent to one of the two rumble motors (heavy / light) or just switched off (i.e., not used).
  • Can have a different profile picked from 3 predefined ones.

The profile is the linear interpolation that maps the value of the driving variable (e.g. rear overrun) to the rumble value. For example, a profile [5%, 20% // 30%, 100%] on rear overrun will have:
  • No rumble if overrun < 5%
  • 100% rumble if overrun > 20%
  • Linear rumble between 30% and 100% for 5% <= overrun <= 20%

The profiles will be written in the .ini, but can't be changed from the plugin menu: you have to edit the .ini to edit the profiles.
In the plugin menu you can just specify which profile you want to use for each source.

Also made changes so that you can be on the bike, pause (press Esc), alt-tab to an editor and edit the .ini, alt-tab back to GPB and resume: the plugin will reload the .ini (actually only some HUDRumble settings) so that your changes are applied.


Great news!

Will there be dynamic mode/source switching, too?


Quote from: Vini on January 10, 2022, 05:05:30 PMGreat news!

Will there be dynamic mode/source switching, too?
It will work as described above.
I wouldn't call it "dynamic mode" or "source switching", but you can assign multiple sources to the same rumble motor. E.g. rear overrun and rear underrun to the light rumble motor. Each source will produce a given level of rumble according to the associated profile and both will be combined (added).

Not all the combos may make sense of course.


@Vini (and any other willing to test): at the usual download link I've created a folder "2.2.6beta" containing the .dlo with the new rumble.

Could you please test it and let me know which map settings makes sense ?


0. Backup your MaxHUD.ini file and the new version will overwrite the [HUDRumble] section in the .ini, so that if you want go back to v2.2.5 you can put your original .ini back.

1. Each source (CoG acceleration, front wheel underrun, rear wheel underrun, rear wheel overrun) is mapped to a rumble level via a linear map described as [Xmin, Xmax, Ymin, Ymax] where Xmin,XMax are the source values and Ymin,Ymax are the corresponding rumble values.

2. Each source (with its associated map) can be sent to the heavy rumble motor, to the light rumble motor or to none (i.e. that source is not used). For example, you could send the CoG source to the heavy motor and the rear overrun to the light motor (leaving front and rear underrun off).

3. If two sources go to the same motor, they are simply added.

4. There are 6 predefined maps (3 for CoG-based rumble, 3 for tire slip based rumble): they can only be editet in the .ini. In the menu you can only say which map you want to use for which source.

5. There's also an option to show a widget on screen with all the relevant values, to help tune the whole thing. Note that the widget will only be shown in practice sessions.

If you can play around with that a bit, I'd like to set the default mappings to values that somehow make sense. In principle, one should test with different bikes and different track conditions (dry & wet).


These values work pretty well for me.
Still testing, though.


Just a note, this:

Quote from: Vini on January 11, 2022, 01:43:07 PM_tireslip_rumble_profile1={0.09,0.14,0.30,1.50}

is confusing as the max rumble value (when slip is at 14%) is set to 1.5 (which is above 1.00).
Rumble values are in interval [0.0 , 1.0] (anyway rumble will be capped at 1).


This was just the easiest way of finetuning it.
My process was: Determine Xmin-Xmax range first by recording a video. Then finetune strength through Ymax. Ymin is somewhat given and controller-dependent I guess.


That's weird. If you want to keep the leftmost point fixed at 9% slide -> 30% rumble, just say where you want to have 100% rumble. In your case, the equivalent would roughly be 100% rumble at 12% slip.
Want it steeper ? make it 100% rumble at 11% slip.


Yes, just didn't bother doing that bit of extra math.