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Kart Racing Pro Steam/Proton

Started by WALKEN, April 08, 2020, 08:00:59 PM

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Kart Racing Pro in Steam using Proton is working. Not a huge fan of Windows but love Linux and I'm extremely happy that KRP is working!

Any question feel free to ask.   
Help me, help you!


I've been running Piboso creations on linux for years now. No problem really.


I have been also, since alpha using wine.

Steam/Proton gives another option for those who are terminal ignorant. With Mesa-Vulkan drivers it has come along way.   
Help me, help you!


Hi, im trying the steam version of gp bikes with proton 7.17 on winesapos distro. My problem is tha i cant find the data folder, can you tell where KRP creates the folder when you run it on proton? Thx