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August 09, 2020, 05:36:34 PM


GP Bikes beta18c available! :)

Once and for all: Rider lean influence on bike physics?

Started by Vini, July 10, 2020, 06:25:40 PM

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I know we've had this question a few times in the past but people still don't seem to agree on what the current state of simulation regarding this is in GPB.

How does rider L/R and F/B lean affect weight distribution and aero?
Does it differ between riders and riding styles (animations)?



I don't think rider styles affects aero, neither weight distribution. At the end it's just an animation, how would that affect the physics? And yes, I'm sure Rider lean affects the weight distribution. I think you have to imagine the rider like a sphere that moves L/R, F/B on the bike, you can play without using an animation or without the rider model
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I mean there is quite a big difference in wheight distribution between modern hanging-off and classic, crossed-up styles.