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Send values via USB to arduino??

Started by Antian, August 26, 2020, 03:13:00 PM

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Not sure this will help but a long ago I wrote some simlpe GPB plugin that was used to send GPB data to a connected helmet (the idea was to use GPB to test/protorype the helmet, i.e. connect the real helmet to GPB an dride in GPB to test helmet features).

For the serial stuff, I used this: https://www.teuniz.net/RS-232/.

Don't know what was exactly on the other side (arduino or other), but everything was sent through as strings using sprintf-like functions (and most of time with s specific fomratting, like %10.3f instead of only %f).


Thanks HornetMax,
Any information is helpful.
I've paused on the idea of sending data using strings through serial communication and started researching on creating a USB HID/PID device.


I doubt I'll get a reply on this question, but I'll ask anyway.
Has anyone made their own HID/PID device? I have lots of information about writing the descriptor but I'm missing information about how to write data from the host to the "OUTPUT pipe" back to microcontroller.



At the bottom of the page is a link to some demo code for VC. I have built a project based on this and it worked perfectly


Thank you H.
I've read the entire article and the one he links in that https://www.waitingforfriday.com/?p=415
Looking over the code, but it's going to take me a while to pick it apart as my coding ability isn't too much above "Hello World"  ;D
Slowly inching my way forward.


Thanks h106frp and HornetMaX
I have it running...