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Controls reverting to default

Started by Waydalf, October 31, 2020, 02:12:45 PM

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Hello all wheelers !

I encountered an issue on GPB that i did not have by the past. Each time i exit and launch the game, the key bindings revert to default (all the other options like graphics and simulation are saved)

The things i have done :
- Fresh reinstall
- Uninstalled SCP toolkit
- Created a new profile

I noticed that under 'controller profile' i used to have "xinput" and "dualshock4", but now its empty with only dashes.

P.S : i use a g29 as i always did on GPB.

Thanks for your time :) if anyone have had the same issue :)


Hello :)

Finally sorted it out by reinstalling and changing the inputs in demo mode. After the activation the controls are good now :)

Anyway :) thanks to all GPB players


Hi everybody,

I just bought the game a couple of days ago and I am having the same problem. My controller settings (bindings) will not save when I restart the game. I have made a profile, but in the folder of that profile in the data folder I am missing files. In the unofficial guilde (https://forum.piboso.com/index.php?topic=431.msg2999#msg2999) it says that in the profile folder there should be

- calib.txt
- controls.txt
- profile.ini
- cockpit folder
- setup folder

Now the profile.ini, the cockpit folder and setup folder are there, but there is no calib.txt and controls.txt files. I presume this has something to do with it.

I am using a Xbox One controller wired through USB, and the controller works fine in game. It's just that the bindings don't save.

In the "controller input" dropdown I have the "xinput" available.

Anybody who can help? Thanks!


Guys, have the same problem. my settings for the controller is not saved anywhere.
anyone has a solution or can maybe make a screenshot of the piboso profiles folder and postit?


looks like mx bikes has had the same problem:

is there a solution now?


Same problem occurs when i installed GPB on my Lenovo X220.
All systems are Win10, if thats important...


If you install "as administrator ", does it make a difference? Are you sure the game has user rights to write in all the game folders?
I had to try..



I had to try..



so, i redownloaded the setupfile a few times, did a few clean reinstalls with every possible option in terms of adminstator mode, rights and compatibility modes.
also changed manually the write and read rights of the single cfg files.

no changes. problem still there:
can change grafic and ride aid options but no controls.



What kind of controller do you use? Do you have Xinput plugin installed?

Maybe try adding core.exe as an exception to Windows defender.

What does controls.txt inside your profile folder look like after you reconfigure your controls in GPB?
Try setting it to write-protected after configuration.


i use the logitech f310 controller.

there is no controls.txt created in my profile folder and i did not installed an extra xinput, cuase i think its already there (screenshot) and the download for the xinput also disappered in the forum...

Why is there no controls.txt created in my profilefolder and do u still need to manually insert some kind of xinput file?


No controls.txt, that is strange and explains your problems.
Only thing I can think of is that GPB does not get permission to write files to that directory.
So maybe an admin rights or antivirus thing.


hmm cant tell, changed permissions for the hole piboso folder in documents and set also and extra permission for core.exe in avg.
dont know which one it was but now a controls.txt was created.
think that solved the problem.
thx vini