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Oculus Rift + Win7

Started by Vini, November 19, 2020, 04:36:27 PM

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November 19, 2020, 04:36:27 PM Last Edit: November 19, 2020, 04:50:52 PM by Vini
Has anybody here gotten that combination to work?
Talking about the original Rift (CV1) that should still support Win7.
I installed and updated all the drivers but even though Windows detects the Rift as just another monitor, the Oculus software insists that there is no HDMI connection.


While I don't have Windows 7, I did have a no HDMI issue with my CV1. Was a faulty headset, had to get a replacement from Oculus. Which was also faulty. Wouldn't buy Oculus again, but love VR.

The only other things that were mentioned when we were 'troubleshooting' was that having more than one monitor can mess it up, also it can draw a fair bit of power, so they recommended a powered USB 3.0 hub. Which was expensive so I got rid of VR.

Should still work on Windows 7 to my knowledge, although the CV1 is discontinued now so IDK about driver updates and such


November 20, 2020, 01:25:27 AM #2 Last Edit: November 20, 2020, 01:43:41 AM by doubledragoncc
Hi Vini

The headset works perfect in Win10 and also the latest Oculus firmware for your system in Win 7 may be the problem...............You need to update to Win 10 or will have issues as new Oculus software may not be compatible with 7 due to Microsoft no longer supporting it. The headset is fine but YOUR PC must be able to use it. If you dont upgrade to Win 10 you will also not be able to use new updates. Sorry but I dont control Microshit and cant help.

I ran the headset with 3 50inch 4k screens and never gave a hicup..........tested before I sent it and will honor it. VR headsets are a bitch if you dont have the right setup. I needed to get a USB3 Powered hub that made sure the Headset and Towers had power to make sur it wont drop out..........YouTube has many videos on this. If your PC is not set up right VR units are a bitch!!!

Can your PSU and motherboard give the power the set might need? BUT can the CV! run on Win7?

Just looked on Youtube and cant find anyone using it on Win7.............Think you have to bite the bullet and update............dont be a Trump.......concede to Win 10 the new president lol

WIN 10 will cost you a fiver and well it is gonna be needed. Did not know you ran an old system

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November 20, 2020, 03:26:38 PM #3 Last Edit: November 20, 2020, 03:33:12 PM by Vini
Yeah, no doubt the hardware all works perfectly. Audio works and the displays too. It's the stupid Oculus driver.

I just wish tech companies these days would stop with the forced update and datalogging/always-on rubbish and also start hiring good programmers again that are not randomly throwing together different libraries and producing bugs everywhere.
The CV1 was originally designed for Win7 and apparently worked fine right up until some time last year when they started bricking devices by putting out Win7-incompatible updates on purpose with no native way of downgrading or choosing older runtime versions.

After trying all sorts of patches and hacks the last few days, I will now do a fresh Win7 reinstall, which I was planning on doing anyhow, and if it still doesn't work, I will install Win10 (maybe as Dual-Boot just for VR).
I have a lot of old software that will probably not work on Win10 so I really want to avoid the upgrade.


Isn't the Occulous Rift company owned by Facebook now? That would probably explain things. Lol!

One could say their moto is likely to be: "Profit before quality and/or customer satisfaction".


November 21, 2020, 12:58:12 AM #5 Last Edit: November 21, 2020, 01:27:20 AM by Vini
Making some progress here :D
After a full Win7 reinstall, the Oculus software now officially detects the HDMI connection and the Rift correctly doesn't show up as a monitor anymore in Windows. SteamVR also detects the Rift but unfortunately the screens remain black (but turned on!).

Anyway, after trying to patch the runtime to an older version and doing some testing, I am confident that I will get it to work on Win7. It seems to be coming down to finding the right combination of OVRServer.exe and runtime libraries.

@Hawk: Yeah, it's amazing how badly coded many modern applications and websites are and how they try to force all kinds of shit down your throat. These days it seems like having a nice and shiny UI is more important to developers than producing an efficient and functional code.
The thing is that in many cases they are actively worsening software through updates. The Oculus driver is only one example of many for that.
All this is why I try to avoid Win10 at all cost.


The only thing is all new Oculus software will really be for Win10. You can not expect perfect function if you refuse to use all the software as it is intended for in 2020.

Best of luck and if you get it working post how to do it for others would be cool

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November 21, 2020, 09:41:28 PM #7 Last Edit: November 21, 2020, 09:46:41 PM by Vini
I'm on Win10 (dual-boot) now and holy crap what a shitty OS. 40% CPU usage not even doing anything, hundreds of background spy processes.

Anyway, Rift instantly worked and I'm playing GPB right now. Works nicely. No hardware issues whatsoever with the USB ports etc.
Really cool. My framerate is ok as well surprisingly.

I'll keep trying to get it to work on Win7 because I will definitely not be using this shit OS permanently.
I think I was pretty close. Downgrading the driver almost worked, only a few DLL compatibilities that need sorting out.

I fully understand that I cannot expect the newest features and updates on an old OS but the CV1 was originally sold for Win7 and worked flawlessly with the old drivers.
They could simply give you the download files for those older Win7 versions but no, instead they put out forced updates that break compatibility on purpose with no intended way of downgrading.
This is some Apple level bullshit but I mean what can you expect from facebook...
The fact that the Oculus software is 5GB and has to be redownloaded each install is already retarded. I had a look at the old DK1 runtime and it was so much cleaner and simpler.



So glad you see the CV1 is working perfectly at last.

My system is optimised for Win10 nad my Strix 3080 OC runs GPBikes in 4k and stays at 40C and dont even start the boost on GPU lol

Cant wait for my Reverb G2 and 4K VR at last lol

Enjoy the CV m8

GPBOC Live Streams: https://www.youtube.com/c/IASystemsComputerControls; i7 12700K 5.1GHz Z690 ASUS Strix Z690-A Mobo 32GB 3600MHz DDR4 RAM ASUS Strix RTX3080 OC 10GB DDR6X ASUS Ryujin 360 AOI Cooler ROG Thor 1200w PSU in ROG Helios Tower Case.


Yeah thanks again for the headset, DD! This is great fun.
I will try to improve my riding and also my recording setup so that I can deliver some more high quality VR vids in the future.
Still got a lot of stuff to figure out on the new OS and also with GPB (rider lean control mostly).


After almost a week of setup, I finally have Win10 running somewhat acceptably. Still some quirks to figure out, though.
Luckily, most of the critical old software still works so maybe I will end up switching permanently after all. About time I guess.
Also, I definitely need the Oculus ASW  feature to compensate for low framerate, which is incompatible with Win7 even in the older Oculsu driver runtimes.

The manual rider lean tracking was a bitch to set up. Eventually found a configuration that reproduces my movements relatively well and gives enough rider lean.
I will post a short tutorial once I am done testing.