• Step 1: Login
  • Step 2: Upgrade Options
  • Step 3: Backup
  • Step 4: Database Changes
  • Step 5: Convert serialized strings to JSON
  • Step 6: Convert to UTF-8
  • Step 7: Delete Upgrade.php

Overall Progress

Time Elapsed: 0 mins, 1 seconds.

Updating Your SMF Installation!

Thank you for choosing to upgrade to SMF 2.1 RC3. All files appear to be in place, and we're ready to proceed.

Admin Login:

For security purposes please login with your admin account to proceed with the upgrade.

Note: If necessary the above security check can be bypassed for users who may administrate a server but not have admin rights on the forum. In order to bypass the above check simply open "upgrade.php" in a text editor and replace "$disable_security = false;" with "$disable_security = true;" and refresh this page.