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Help with game crashing...core.exe

Started by BlakeS21, April 19, 2021, 03:53:48 PM

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April 19, 2021, 03:53:48 PM Last Edit: April 19, 2021, 04:33:31 PM by BlakeS21
Hello all

I recently found this sim, tried the download and within about 10 seconds realized, I had to have it and bought the full Sim. What an amazing sim.  I played for about 4 days with really no issues.  I installed bikes and tracks along the way, and only ran into one track that gave me problems, which would be the game would crash, just after leaving the pits at lausitzring. I noted that and didnt go back to that track as I figured, something must be wrong. Played for another day and half without making any other additions to the game. Online/Offline, hosting and joining sessions.  Then the next day I started getting crashes at all tracks with all bikes. This happens online and offline. Sometimes its without 20-30 seconds of leaving pits sometimes its 5-10mins.  I will be in the middle of a lap and the screen freezes and sounds freezes, and then it either stays stuck or if it unfreezes it seems to take about 45sec-1min and im in a tyre wall and can contintue untill it crashes for good shortly there after, and freezes for good.

So the problem wasnt after making an install to the game with a bike or track, it just started occuring and it seems its with any type of bike.  The bikes that came with the game and mods. Also same for tracks, it doesnt matter where or what bike it crashes.

I reinstalled GPB, did some searches for this problem and found out about LAA fix. And deleted a couple of tracks just to ease my mind.  Nothing has fixed the problem. It did seem to get better after LAA fix, where as sometimes it can go 2-10min without crashing, where as before it seemed like it would do it within 2 min or less. 

All the mods I have, have worked fine and ive spent time on most of them with no issues untill this started happening and like I say, it doesnt matter where or what bike.

I'm not in tune with computers as much as I use to be so that is not helping matters, wanted to reach out in hopes of finding some help within the community of this amazing Sim. Thanks so much in advance.

Edit: I get a core.exe not responding error when I ctrl-alt-del out of the freeze with this issue.

also computer stats are :  Win 10-64bit-AMD Ryzen 3 2300x Quad-core 3.5GHz -16.0gb ram- Radeon RX570 GPU
Performace has been great from the start with graphics and loading with all details maxed out....thats what is so frustrating this just started happening randomly not after making a known change or addition to sim.


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Sounds to me like a MOD issue has started this series of problems for you.

The best thing to do to find out if this is the case would be to totally uninstall GPBikes together with all the mods, make sure everything is deleted by going into the install root folder and making sure the GPbikes folder is deleted and also go into your "My Documents" folder to make sure any GPBike related folder/s are also deleted.

Then use CCleaner to clean your system registry and PC memory - Then restart your PC.

Make sure your Graphics Card drivers are up to date and check for any windows operating system updates have been installed...... Then restart your PC.

Then install GPBikes fresh and see if your issues have been solved, if they have then just install one mod at a time or only the mods that you will want to use.

PS: Always keep a note of your GPBikes product key, your Email you purchased GPBikes with, and your Initial Nickname you used to register GPBikes with.