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December 03, 2021, 01:00:48 AM


GP Bikes beta19b available! :)

Better off track behavior in moto GP 2021 than in gpbikes ?!!

Started by poumpouny, May 16, 2021, 06:49:44 AM

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Is it me or ? I now have the off track feeling in earlier gpbikes beta in Milestone moto gp 2021!! Gpbikes off track behavior in the last 3 or 4 beta is just too grippy  :( !


Its not just that its too grippy, the VR takes over the lean and makes it almost impossible to fall..... until you rejoin the track surface where the VR instantly releases control and causes too much lean input and often a crash



Why don't you ask the bike/track modders to adjust the tyre/track grip levels off-track if you all want less off-track grip levels? Have them all come to a consensus of the levels to apply.


I| mean in the TYRE files there is a multiplier value for off track grip, so modders can reduce the grip.

However as with gpb, the grip value dictates the maximum lean value as well. (Why you get some odd crashes, when the current bike lean (max grip) suddenly exceeds the new value of max lean  (max grip) - camber changes)

What cannot be changed is the behaviour off track. So while reducing grip can make it more slippy, it can make for some interesting pirouettes in the gravel  ;D


Also, I have asked for something in a mod.cfg to disable the lean limit, leaving it up to the player to decide how far to turn, but it was knocked back.

I think until we get vibration, that fully utilises the controller for feel, then removing it isnt really viable. (Hence why I wanted an option not a blanket update)


What i don't understand is GPB is meant to be a simulator, so i thought artificial grip control is not the way to go for it. If you talk about track/bike configuration, why there is also a significant ridiculous offtrack high grip with Piboso's stock track / bike combination (ex M2 bike in Victoria ? )compared to 4 or 5 betas earlier, When thoses bike/track is I think, mean to be a standard base for third party mod ?


As I remember when I was doing a  lot of track modding for GPB, you could assign a grip level for individual surfaces within the track build? ie: track could equal a normal grip factor, grass could be assigned a slippier factor than track surfaces, and gravel-traps could be assigned a dampening factor so that the bike would slow down a lot as though tyres were sinking into and pushing through the gravel/sand? Is this still possible as it was 5-6 years ago?


Yeah, the surface materials are set but what actually happens is set in the bike. In track modding you can only set the type of surface.

Or maybe I just missed the feature. Quite possible!
I had to try..



Thanks H, that explains it then...... We'll just have to wait till Pib gets around to it I guess.  ;)