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Have an opportunity to start and stop engine without resetting bike

Started by adskdn0, October 13, 2013, 10:36:42 pm

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Have an opportunity to start and stop engine without resetting bike


I would like that too but it wouldn't fit within this type of simulator. Almost all GP bikes from all eras where and are push started.

No starter engine, no start/stop. :)


there could be the push starter, like in KRP with KZ1 for example


A push start sequence option for race starts would be a brilliant addition, especially for the older classic series.  8) ;D


Seajay 64

A thought about start and stopping bike engine's !

Coming myself,  from the "PUSH & GO" time of racing, when Mike Hailwood ruled the racing world and you had to "ride" the bike to win a race, I wonder if anyone would be interrested in making bikes from the 50's and 60's period  for GP BIKES ?

AJS 7R's, MATCHLESS G50's, 30/40M MANX NORTON's, HONDA 250 6cyl RC 166, and  500cc 4cyl 181's,  MV 3 & 4's, to name but a few, some of the most classic  GP motorcycles of all time.

Then maybe we could have "CLASSIC" racing .

I don't have the know how myself to produce any bikes or tracks,  but maybe one or two of you computer wiz kid's may have the wherewithall to achive these for us ?

If and when the TT coarse is completed , that and the Ulster GP road racing  track are ideal for those machine's.

Not sure if it would be possible to  "PUSH & GO"  in "GPB", so I suppose sitting upon a "CLASSIC" bike with engine running to start would be better than none at all.

Anyone else with any thoughts like this?




Well, we're on the same page. I know very little of track and bike modding but I would really love to see CLASSIC racing added to GP-Bikes.



Me too. 
I'm crap at anything relating to a pc, but classic racing, on the IOM, I'd be in heaven.
But we got to disable L/R auto lean, can't have Mike the bike hanging off the side, eh?!