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Oculus Quest Setup

Started by ruzbehirani, October 01, 2021, 01:11:56 AM

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Hi everyone!

I am trying to setup the paid version with my Oculus Quest VR headset and controllers. It doesn't seem to show up when I launch it. I can here the buttons noises but its a blank screen.

Is there anyway someone can help me with this problem. Many thanks in advance  :)


Did you try looking around? The GUI could very well be behind you.
I had to try..


Thanks for your response. It is completely blank all around. Im not sure if I am doing something wrong.

Here are the steps I take, let me know if I am missing something please:

1. Turn on Oculus Quest 1
2. Plug it into my laptop via USB-C
3. Enable Oculus Link in my headset (Oculus desktop app opens on my laptop automatically when linked)
4. Run the GP Bikes - VR application on my desktop

Am I missing anything? The non-VR app runs fine but not the VR version


That's pretty much how I do it I think.. Never really gave me trouble except for when changing graphics settings..
I had to try..


okay so i think the blank screen was because my oculus link wasn't working. I fixed it and now can see the GP Bikes - VR app (core.exe) in my oculus link. But it wont load up when I click it.


Does your headset work normally with other VR apps on the laptop? Or you're trying it with GPBikes for the first time? If the latter, make sure that both your oculus client and core.exe are allowed to use the proper GPU, (I suppose there is one, right? ) and not the integrated one. This is usually in your GPU's control panel settings.

edit: I've got a rift s and not using it with a laptop, but I thought I'd ask


Don't know if you solved your problem or not but something that might help. When you first launch in vr mode the headset should be oriented in the direction and height you will be using it at. Easiest thing is just put it on your head and look forward after clicking the icon to launch vr. It can be adjusted later but if your headset is sitting upside down on a table or couch somewhere that's where the screen will be. Second thing is that it sounds like your looking for and can't find your touch controllers in game? VR controllers aren't currently supported and don't show up in game.