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May 23, 2024, 09:15:24 PM

MPR Setup Guide

Started by Myst1cPrun3, December 27, 2021, 09:31:54 PM

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So, a while back my Dad gave me a book, with a whole bunch of information on regarding how to ride UK Race circuits, and motorcycle setups, troubleshooting handling issues and so on.

GP Bikes, being the simulation it is, meant that a lot of what is written in the book is actually relevant and applicable, despite it being from real world riding origins.

Long story short I spent the past 3 nights typing up over 20 pages of setup guides and suspension information, that will hopefully help not only GP Bikers, but those of us that ride in the real world as well.

I have provided some annotations in the guide, (seen in italics) that will hopefully help transfer some things to GP Bikes and clear up any issues.

The guide itself is and old "SuperBike Magazine Circuit Guide", which was published in the year 2000. I believe the thing is from magazines, where you got a new "part" every issue. As a result its from a time when carburettors were still a thing, and T*tty posters were still in the pull-out pages, so some references may still be a bit "old fashioned" and crude (although some may say this was a better time). There aren't many, but it may give some idea as to why the language makes a reference it does etc.

Even though the actual guide is almost as old as me, over 95% of the content (such as track guides and suspension tips) are still relevant today, and the setup "trouble-shooting" is immensely useful.

Anyway, I hope its useful, I may scan and upload the entire book if there is enough interest. Although some UK tracks have changed since it was written, it could still be a fun thing to have available. (Anglesey is no longer a rectangle with chicanes, and Snetterton has a middle bit now, just for reference on how far back this book was written).

Here is a download link, the file is in .PDF format. I'm open to visual formatting suggestions, as at the minute its just a large wall of text and so on, and I've never been very good at making things "easy on the eye".

Mega Download Link:


Enjoy  :)


Wow, that's highly appreciated! Thanks!


Thanks for your effort and time man.