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Cant save skin names

Started by Seajay 64, October 17, 2013, 01:03:10 PM

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Seajay 64

Hallo all

I have a  problem when saving my paints in murasama_rc990_03/paints, and ask if anyone can give me an answer to the problem ?

Using the "PAINTED" program, I pack the files into murasama_rc990_03/paints, using a name. Lets say "Seajay 64". (No quotation marks)

The  "PAINTED" program works and does the job okay .

When I start  GP- BIKES and go to bike selection the name Seajay 64 does not appear in the selection dropdown array, but a number, say 2, or 3, or 4 is there instead of the name given at the pack stage.

When going into windows explorer to GP Bikes/gpbikes/Bikes/murasama_rc990_03/paints
the names Seajay or Seajay 64 have been saved by the "PAINTED" program as I have typed at the pack stage.

No matter what name I use when packing my skins,  a number will always appear in the the array and not the name I wish to use.

The skin works fine when racing around the circuits, but I find it annoying that I cant save my skins to the name I wish.

Can anyone advice me on what may be wrong please ?

I include two attachments showing the problem above

Many thanks



You need to give the file the same name twice. In painted and when you actually save the file into your folder.

Seajay 64

To JamoZ

Many thanks for your reply, it solved the problem.