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December 04, 2022, 06:11:57 PM

Lean Tracking -

Started by morvio100, August 21, 2022, 10:44:40 AM

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Just tried that lean tracking with opentracker (with tilt at about 24...oooh yeeahh..this game is sim porn....all praise the (The Great One = Piboso)...we are not worthy....my lame laptop cant run tracks with realistic setting...unfortunately..cant wait to get a high end rig ..to put this masterpiece through its paces...great work regards all those fantastic mods...little disappointed how badly optimized some tracks are though,,,I wonder can one of you maestros let me know if a dry line forms when testing on a ..say 50 percent wet track...or does that only happen with the realistic setting ticked...and 2/ can you adjust the probability of rain in the track ini..before testing so it will rain during the session...clueless regards how the sim works regards weather settings...thanks to all you have made this sim great...+1


I haven't tried wet weather enough to comment on your rain questions.

But if you thought using opentracker was sim porn then I would dare suggest you might consider to beg/borrow a VR headset and give that a whirl. And keep a box of tissues nearby!

But... maybe wait till you get that high end rig. VR makes the framerate situation that bit worse, I'm running a 3090 and parts of Silverstone for example are pretty bad!


Thanks for the reply mdlp....way ahead of ya with the tissues thing...when I get time to play this sim...I've gotten to wearing a nappy...so's I dont have to go to the toilet...the the track realistic/dynamic setting needs to be optimized tbf...fps killer...I have not got good hardware unfortunately...but there's is about 10/15 high quality tracks that are well optimized and very playable... :D