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September 19, 2020, 05:53:58 AM


GP Bikes beta18c available! :)

Oliver's Mount

Started by Grooveski, February 06, 2015, 06:06:25 PM

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March 20, 2019, 01:20:30 AM #330 Last Edit: March 20, 2019, 01:22:37 AM by Grooveski
Found the problem.
...way back in lightwave.   :o
That's a new one on me.  Wasn't even visible in LW, only in the export.
Some kind of vertex numbering glitch.  Simply cut&pasting the whole layer fixed it.


March 22, 2019, 10:07:16 AM #331 Last Edit: March 22, 2019, 10:15:09 AM by Grooveski
Over half-way round with the high-poly bushes.

Once they're all in I'm going to have a go at optimising the collision model. 
There's quite a lot of junk in it at present.  :-[  Some bits don't need to be there at all - others can have their col-model poly counts lowered.

At the least it'll reduce the .trk filesize and perhaps also the loading time.
...but of course what I'm really hopng for is to claw back a few FPS.   :)


Bush planting continues...

Highlight of the session was rejiggng the bottom field UV so the hedgeline matched up with Jefferies Jump and the new bushes.  I've known for ages that it was off and seeing it fixed is pretty satisfying.   ;D
May seem like a triviality but it's the little things...

Celebrated by firng up dk4edit and adding some paddock eyecandy.  :)


Looking better by the day Mate! ;D


Indeed! Just worried about FPS on a final version though ???


My old modding gig included getting million poly tracks down to 100k for squeezing into GP500 so if it comes to making a low-poly version for older systems - that's what I'll do.   ;)

Can't say I'll be particularly happy to do it.  I'd rather spend the time setting up LOD models and occlusion cull boxes...
...but since GPB doesn't support those I guess that won't be happening.

Every chance I'll be one of those who needs a low-poly version.  Although I recently upgraded it was done on the cheap - an i3 processor and 16gb was a fourfold lift over my old components but I'm still running my old GTX750Ti and waiting for 10 series card prices to bottom out.

So yeah - apologies in advance to those who may not be able to run the full shiny version but I will do something about it - will likely try going low-res first, then low-poly if that's what it takes.


Fence collision model reduced by 96%. 

Now for the hedges and trees.
...which won't be quite as drastic.  For the hedges I reckon about 70% reduction and maybe 80% for the trees.


March 29, 2019, 05:33:46 PM #337 Last Edit: March 29, 2019, 06:00:37 PM by Grooveski
V0.4 now available.

Have hit "sick of the sight of it" time again so rather than finish the col reduction I've just done another conversion and will be taking a little break.

Did the fence col reduction make any difference?  Hard to say.  I'm down 2 FPS at Mere, up to 180 after the esses, down loads after Memorial and Drurys....
Adding 120k of bushes at the same time has made it impossible to tell what effect it's had - would have really needed to try it on the same model.

Good news is that the places that still need more high-poly trees are still running smooth.  There's not many left to plant now. 
Hundreds of X-trees still to go in to fill various gaps but they shouldn't affect things much.

The marshal model fix worked.  :)

Need to have a good look over the model and add SHAD_ to some of the layers(like the marshalls, yams,cameramen, fences...  ::) ).  Didn't cross my mind when I took them off the WLL selection.  :-[


Been adjusting colour levels.

Also adding more trees and bushes.
...and fences, and hedges, and marshalls...
...the endless cycle continues.   ;D

Have hit a snag with shadowmaps during conversioon so while I shink I've sorted all the shading problems from the last version, I can't tell because this one has no shadows at all.  ::)
Trying out a few settings but it's not looking promising.  :(   Think this one may be for the support forum.


Spoke too soon.  Raising the size to 0.5 done the job.  We have shadows agan.   ;D


V0.5 now available.

Looks like I've overdone it a little at the rise.  After Mere my framerate is down to 65, which is as low as I want to take it.  :-\
Can barely see any of the bushes on the left there going up to the bridge so I'll swap those ones out when I get round to planting low-poly bushes.