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World Racing Series beta14 available! :)

Oliver's Mount

Started by Grooveski, February 06, 2015, 06:06:25 PM

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Didn't mean to hijack the Public Road thread so thought I'd start a fresh one.

Quote from: h106frp on February 05, 2015, 12:18:53 AM
Managed to get GPL loaded up and tried the olivers mount track, its fun and very well done with all the scenic details, but does feel very 'flat' the road has no camber anywhere and feels quite unnatural for what is meant to be a 'road'. Hedge lines likewise - vertical edges and no feeling of the natural variations you get on a road. Still it is an old engine.

To make this track really work i think the road surface profile and immediate roadside scenery will need a bit of work to convince the rider this really is a typical public highway most of the time.

I will play a bit more to get a feel for it,  still working on keeping the car in a straight line :) - would be a lot more fun on 2 wheels...

Yeah, I watched the video a few times and was having the same thoughts.

Now that I've had a look at the tracktools I've decided to stay in max for assembly.  Means we can tweak the loft direct during testing to fine tune bumps then just re-export to the game.

Opens a few other possibilities too.  I don't know how to do it yet but I'm pretty sure you can use edgelines as secondary loft splines...
...so I could make up any shape of hedge cross-section for a bunch of points along the topside and the software would fill in the gaps.
Think it's worth including a centre strip inside the hedge model so there are three layers for the light to come through rather than just two.  You're so close to the model that you can tell it's a model.
Having a spec channel for the hedge will be nice - leaves are shiny after all.

Camber can be added to the loft as well.  Originaly I didn't add road camber because it'd have pushed close to GP500s limit.  I traded it off for spare polys for bump detail.

So, a weekend of reading max tutorials ahead by the sounds of it...
...inbetween bouts at the A1 Ring.  Just got round to going full version GPB a couple of nights ago.  It's like I've never ridden a bike game before.  ;D
Loving the analogue rider control.   :)


Sounds like you have some great ideas. Be great once we get all the photos, I'm actually looking forward to doing some skins.

Great to hear you are enjoying the sim, i will always have a soft spot for GP500, but returning to it now its limitations seem very obvious.


Quote from: h106frp on February 06, 2015, 07:21:52 PMI'm actually looking forward to doing some skins.

Glad to hear it, I may have a village for you to skin soon.   ;D
Dropped on the first landscape texture, just as a planer image for now.
When the other two are lined up over it I'll cut the model into 3 parts and reapply each as a UV, should be rolling hills and fields as far as the eye can see.

This skin will serve for placing scenery as well as for chopping up the land model.  The nearby parts will be subpatched and remapped for repeating textures.


As a road race fanatic I can't wait for this.  A place I've been to many times.  Looking great so far guys.


Wow, good work.
I should really get to Olivers Mount this season it's just up the road from me.


Waiting for more, good luck with this map. :)


Progress has been slow.  I scrapped the above model as well just after posting that pic.  Discovered than the Land-Form dataset has been recently replaced by Terrain 50 data which claims to be accurate in height to 0.1m rather than 1m for the landform.
...so another download then had to find a way of converting the new data to a usable model, blah, blah, took a while, blah...
...and back on track with Land_V3.  :)

Lined up the three versions of the aerial photo, chopped the model along the image edges and remapped them as planer UVs.

So now the image resolution drops off as the distance increases - a simple mip-mapping arrangement.

Cut out the area of interest...

...and that's pretty much where I am at present - flipping in and out of subpatch mode while fine tuning the model to the contours(which are still the most accurate data I have).  The new model may be closer than the others but it's still only a 50m grid so there are spots where the gap between points misses detail completely(like up at the monument where the plateau and drop-off are nowhere near the contours).

Once it's a match I'll freeze the subpatch and it'll be all smooth and shiny.

That(and the contours) will then go in as references for reworking the loft.  May seem like a lot of work for just a land model but the closer the better for pointing out which bits of the road I've got the heights wrong on.

P.S.  Everything will get selective poly reduction later in the build.  At the moment the land model is 200k polys but will probably end up around 40-50k(maybe even smaller, still don't know what GPB's draw distance is).


Waw amazing.. ':o

I'm a little ashamed in front of that. :[


February 15, 2015, 01:12:23 AM #8 Last Edit: February 15, 2015, 01:48:56 AM by h106frp
Thanks to nouvaics excellent photos i have started to look for some textures, the control tower has had some dodgy paint jobs - should we leave 'as is' or touch them up?   It could do with a lick of paint to hide the old signwriting  ::) Personally quite like the rustic look  :) Left image is front, right image is podium side

How are you going to handle the tree details? The detail is great, and trees like this run along many of the embankments, must be a way to get them to look good :) This one is right on the track edge. I have seen the 2 planes at right angle tree model, but i am not sure it would work for these...


Its hard to deside on the tower, I have been thinking aout it. On the one side its good to keep it original but it looks shabby and like it is badly made in the game, so I was also thinking if at speed it will look bad, if it was reworked and then aged it might be better. This is one I will try as soon as I get time. Starting the new business comes first Im afraid and today I gotta hit the London bike show and try to promo my controls and push GP Bikes too. The tree roots are great, Im a gear head but love nature too lol

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The tree, you would probably make a low poly basic shape of the tree. Then you'd take something like Z*Brush, bump up the poly count in to the millions, so you can make a high detail normal map to give all the smooth look and fine details then take the normal map and put it back on the low poly version. So in the sim you'd have a high detail looking model, which is actually on a low poly count shape.

You also have to consider how much detail on something you really aren't going to see very well when racing by it at high speeds.


Normally the trees/hedges are set well back on a modern circuit for safety, but here they literally the track edge and you will see a lot of them even at speed, i think they do need to be detailed enough to feel 'dangerous' if you hit them - just to get the atmosphere of the place. Where they are set back from the track or behind barriers its not a problem as its more typical of other tracks. Probably the most detailed area for trees is on the run down the hill after the hairpin - this really need to feel really tight and closed in - especially at speed ;D



Cant see from my region  :( really must get around to 'sorting' this issue  ::)