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Speeds in garage not lining up.

Started by Phathry25, March 19, 2016, 09:02:35 AM

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My max speed in the garage screen and what is happening on track are not lining up.  Lets say 3rd gear in the garage says I can go 130mph, on track I can only go 90mph.

Where does the garage pull the information to make these calculations?  Tire radius and R0 are set in the TYRE file, and gear ratios and max RPM come from the CFG file?


The maximum speed is estimated using the radius set in the TYRE file, and the engine limiter, primary ratio, gears and final ratio set in the CFG.
However, the estimate of course doesn't take into account:
- tyre compression
- tyre slippage
- aerodynamic and rolling resistance
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