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December 04, 2022, 07:19:39 PM


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I've just lost 8 hours of my life ...

Started by HornetMaX, March 23, 2016, 10:06:30 PM

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... thanks to a KRP bug/flaw/weirdness  >:(

In an output plugin, some of the "callbacks" (exported dll functions) are marked as optional in the documentation/plugin example. All fine up to here.

The problem that fucked me without lube for 8 hours is that GPB, WRS and MXB all work fine even if any of EventInit(), RunStart(), RunStop() and RunDeInit() are missing from the plugin, even if they are not amrked as optional. KRP however, crashes if any of the 4 functions is missing (when going to track, going to track, pausing and going back to pits, respectively).

So I had some plugin code that was perfectly working for GPB, WRS and MXB, and crashing for some unfuckingknown reason in KRP.

Timeline of events:

That's me yesterday evening at 21h00, whe problem started:

That's me yesterday evening, at 22h00:

That's me yesterday evening at 23h30 (you see two of me, it's just a side effect of the rage raising to uberhuman levels):

That's me today at 02h45 in the morning, when I finally decided that having to wake up at 6h30, wake up the kids, prepare them breakfast, wash them, dress them, bring them to school, go to work, escape at lunchtime to discuss a loan with my banker, get back to work, escape at 17h30 to fetch the kids, give them a shower, prepare dinner, watch half of Star Wars 6 with them and put them to bed, ... well, getting only 3h45 of sleep could become an issue:

That's me today, at 20h00 (when I started again to work on the thing):

That's me today, at 22h00 when, in total despair, I tried something totally dumb that gave me a hint of a glimpse of a small idea of a potential issue:

And that's me at 22h30, when I finally got the confirmation of the issue:

I can't find an appropriate animated GIF to describe the reaction that kicked in after the euphoria of finding the issue, so I'll leave t at that.

@PiBoSo: it would be nice to fix the inconsistency between KRP and the other sims and maybe to make it more explicit in the doc/example which functions are really mandatory.


OH NO!!!
Oh man I feel for you. So sorry this has happened to you, you do so much for us.

I only hope you sort it out and do not go round the twist.

Take a break and refresh your batteries.

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Napalm Nick

Ahahahaha! That is fekin hilarious! Not your pain and grief obviously but the GiF Timeline. Brilliant.

My evening is only this one

from playing with Arc and Path cameras for 5 hours.

Still it sounds like you got it sorted in the end so its not time wasted as such, it was time well spent on a voyage of discovery.

Have a nice sleep.
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The first two of those are definitely how I feel when I have a upset stomach and have to use the bathroom a bunch. :(