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April 18, 2019, 10:40:27 pm


World Racing Series beta13 available! :)

Hands position

Started by Blackheart, May 14, 2016, 11:04:08 am

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I do not remember how rotate on themselves the rider hands, I did some tests but does not seem to change anything ...  ???

I think are the dir coordinates, but It seems not works.


Thats mean showing the Z1000 lol.

If you can rotate the hands can you make it so they cover the levers most of the time?

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Sorry for the off-topic, but i have to say this mod actually looks amazing! Looking forward it's achieved form!

On topic: Where are these settings located ? I would like to drop an eye in there; out of curiosity.


In the .gfx file, under Chassis/steer there are leftgrip/rightgrip for the 3p view, under Cockpit/steer for the 1p views  ;)


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Thank you.

Edit: Tried to mess around with the "dir" member as well, without much success. Might be a work-in-progress set of parameters ?


If for "dir" Piboso means direction, should be enough to change these parameters for a good result, but I made just 2-3 tests, so I'm not sure about that.


It seems to be the meaning and purpose, yes. However, I tried on few bikes (native included) in both 1st and 3rd perspectives; it really does nothing. I can only assume it is a non functional or partial implementation.