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GP Bikes beta21c available! :)

Street Stock Beta - Updated for B9

Started by Phathry25, September 07, 2016, 11:28:43 PM

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September 07, 2016, 11:28:43 PM Last Edit: September 08, 2016, 12:30:44 AM by Phathry25
Street Stock Beta - B9

Just a quick and dirty update to bring things into line for use in Beta 9.  There may be some small tweaks included I've forgotten about, we haven't done any development over the summer.  The ones I do know of are tire related, and hastily described below.  Please spread the word, as we are desperate for feedback. :-[

  • 20% more grip, this version is simulating a 10" tire versus an 8" tire before.  Although my grip calculations could have been bad before, and this amount of grip could be correct for an 8" tire.  Check it out, tell us what you think.
  • Tires produce more grip the wetter the track is, maxing out at 100% wetness.  Not sure if this was like this before or not.  I included a link to a crappy track (Antigo) that has proper textures to support this.  All other tracks may not look great/show wear & ruts.  It is the direction I would like to go however, unless PiBoSo tells me I am an idiot and not to.
  • Slight tire slip calculation changes, nothing major here, I think.  I don't remember 100%, but I think I made some small adjustments to aid drive-ability.


nice mod ;)
are you going to mod other cars? i would be really interested
Still riding a 50cc, but enjoying it :)


Yes of course. But going at it mostly alone is slow, and I have other hobbies which I do more often. My interest is mostly in dirt stuff. Ovals and off-road racing. Asphalt seems too refined for a true amateur get right.


nice. So there is a chance of seeing a wrc car?
Still riding a 50cc, but enjoying it :)