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Change Intro movie

Started by Ian, December 29, 2013, 10:14:58 am

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After a clean install on a SSD the intro movie started and I hit escape  ;D seen it before.
What if we could change that movie and replace it with a replay it could be our fastest lap.
The last lap of the first race we won or a epic battle or the bike Mod V1.0 with several different bikes.
But then would I watch it more then once ;D


it would be a great idea, piboso already asked for a different intro movie for wrs :)
Still riding a 50cc, but enjoying it :)


Noone watches the intro movie :p But the last replay would be cool :D


QuoteAfter a clean install on a SSD the intro movie started and I hit escape  ;D seen it before.

You are aware that you can skip the intro within the menu? At next start you did not have to watch the intro anymore ;-)
I donĀ“t care about intros personally.
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Yes m8  it was a fresh install so the intro starts automatically I had forgotten it was there
Then I had the idea it would be nice to change it to one of my own replays, but would I watch it more then once probably not
I think it would be a good idea for Piboso to change it to show what the game has to offer for people trying the demo
We all sat and watched it the first time we installed the demo


I think it would be nice for all PiBoSo Sims to have an Intro Video that runs at game start up and when you press any of the buttons on your
Controller/GamePad/Keyboard/Wheel  the video stops and you are automatically sent to Main Menu Screen. And for first time players the game starts the same with the Intro Video but when you stop the video you are automatically sent to the Registration Screen.
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I'm very much in favour of a new intro video, but would prefer a nice video with more than one rider, even if with default bikes and skins. Maybe a video with a 990, a varese and a 125 all together ...

Of course the video would be nicer with modded bikes and paints, but this is add-on stuff so it could be argued that bla bla bla.

BTW, is the intro video a true video or is it more something like a replay ?