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September 19, 2020, 06:43:07 PM


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HTC Vive : change resolution

Started by tchemi, January 23, 2017, 11:48:53 AM

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Hello Piboso,
I know I may have been annoying with my requests for the support of the TrackIR. Especially know that I have dump it for a HTC Vive ^^. Anyway you did very good with the TrackIR and I am sure you will be magic with the Vive.

I am encoutering 2 bugs right now in the beta 10C.

- Every list in the UI is barely unusable (known issue as it is stated in the general discussion. Just confirming)

- In the settigs, the confirmation dialog is not displayed when changing resolution. In the helmet, the game becomes unresponsible. But, this confirmation dialog is displayed on my main screen. I can move my mouse and hear the "blup" sound when hoverring the buttons but the cursor does'nt move and stay stuck on the right bottom. Impossible for me to confirm or cancel the changes. When the timer ends, the game stay unresponsible.
How I am reproducing it : I manually edited  the resolution in the config.ini file to match the vive resolution (2160*1200 iirc) Then, I opened the game and went to the settings to change other few options. On the panel dedicated to resolution and other stuff, I saw the dropdown stuck on 1920*1080 with an other value on the right, printed in red, something like 1000*1000. I don't remember exactly but those were not the values I put in my file. I din't touched nothing in the screen, just click done.

Also, is there a way to reduce the aliasing once in the game. The aliasing on far distance is terrible :/