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GP Bikes beta15b available! :)

Attempt At Custom Controller...

Started by uberslug, May 13, 2017, 01:04:53 am

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June 10, 2017, 09:39:34 pm #15 Last Edit: June 10, 2017, 09:41:39 pm by uberslug
Can never have too much money, but, I do have a lot of spare time as I get over a bicycling accident.

Added a brake caliper for the front brake.

Have also added a steering damper.

Now have working wiring for steering, front brake, throttle, clutch, and shifting.

CBR929RR Seat should be delivered on Monday.


June 18, 2017, 04:47:55 pm #16 Last Edit: June 18, 2017, 06:34:42 pm by uberslug
Added Rear Brake Caliper and Master Cylinder. Will mount the Reservoir to the sub-frame which should arrive tomorrow.

After much reading and research I decided to use two used CBR600RR Rear Brake Calipers for the brakes. I wanted something that would give roughly the same feel at the lever, have roughly the same amount of lever travel, and require a moderate pull with two fingers for maximum braking. I tried a 50 Kg Load Cell initially but it was too easy to create maximum braking force with one finger. After blowing up a 50 Kg Load Cell and Amplifier when testing with two fingers I slipped in a 200 Kg Load Cell and now have a setup that has enough'range' to allow me to pull firmly on the lever and not worry about blowing up the load cell or amplifier.

My initial thought was to use the piston side brake pad as the resistance plate for the load cell. The testing that fried the electrical parts also bent the brake pad. I modeled up a version that could easily be cut out of 3/8 inch 304 SS with a water jet. The images below show the differences in displacement between the pad and the new resistance plate.

Standard Steel Backed Brake Pad [sintered pad material doesn't add any reinforcement]

Enhanced SS Brake Pad


Maybe you are over engineering it all

Think outside of the box

That is all I will say but great work m8

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Wow, how about the cost of rig like this ?


All of the red bits were sourced from China via EBay and totaled less than $150 US. All of the actual production motorcycle bits are used, were also sourced from EBay, and total approximately $250 US [triple clamps, rear brake calipers, rear master cylinder, sub frame, seat]. All of the custom plastic bits [brackets, gears, spacers, fork tube caps, etc.] were printed on my Mojo 3D Printer. Carbon Fiber tubes cost about $30 US. Most of the 8020 was scrounged from my garage from previous projects. With the exception of the load cells [~$60 US each], most of the electrical bits were pretty reasonable [even though I bought plenty of spares just in case] and cost approximately $250 US. The seat cowl was approximately $200 US with shipping. I made a number of custom round parts on my lathe and the only part I have outsourced is the faux 'brake pads'.

This is mostly an intellectual exercise that will [I hope] be a much better controller than the XBox Elite I am currently using. I originally set out to 'think outside the cubicle' when it came to the controls, but, later, decided to just 'get on with it'. I have a tendency to 'work' on designs for inordinate amounts of time trying to make them as 'perfect' as possible before actually producing anything usable so maybe this project will help with that particular affliction as well.


I see you re using bi-axis controller (steer and lean) i imagine it will be used with DST, will you add a FFB to the steer, to realy feel the bike countering on corner and know the lean angle limit ? if not will it be usable with DST without any feed back from gpb. i'm using a homemade controller and attached a xbox controller just to get the rumble, i know it is not FFB but at least and with very sensitive setup with maxhud plugin, i can feel  my steer rumbling when it start to drift !


I am very excited about this project, keep doing your thing!
This will be the first controller to take advantage of the game's full potential.


Most of the major bits have been added. Still have to add the rear brake reservoir and then fluid [rarely used the rear brake in real life so it will be a challenge learning how to use it effectively]. I am still awaiting the arrival of the seat cowl and I haven't added the lean potentiometer yet. I still have a tidy up the wiring and add some covers to the fragile items.

I tested it out today and everything works almost as well as I had hoped. The clutch lacks a 'grab' point but I can get going even in 'Direct Steer' mode [THAT took quite a few tries to get right]. The shifting feels pretty realistic as does the brake lever action, however, the throttle could use a little less twist [easy enough to fix by printing new parts].

At this point in time I will need to read up on direct steering. I managed to get around Turn Five of Brno going an earth scorching 50 kmh after about an hour of cussing, cursing, and asking myself 'WHY did I think this was a good idea?'.



I have been dissatisfied with the performance of my original throttle assembly as there was too much cable drag and too many parts. After much thought and experimentation I have created the above with a small rotary potentiometer hidden inside.

Next up will be eliminating the excessive drag on the clutch cable.