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October 22, 2019, 06:28:50 am


GP Bikes beta16b available! :)

Where to ride with other GPbikers???

Started by Tosteetos, September 17, 2017, 10:35:39 pm

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Any time I try to get online the servers are empty. what am I doing wrong? where do I need to go to just ride with other people? I don't want to race yet. I just want to ride around other users and polish my skills. Sort of like a track day.



Where are you located? TimboC137, Brody27, and myself are on the East Coast of North America [mostly] and are on a few evenings a week. We have a plethora of servers and spend most of our time practicing [crashing].


I'm down to play a race or 2. I live on east coast America.



im from Poland and there is the same problem here with the empty servers. Sometimes there are 2,3 riders on one server and that's all.


I think it's probably just because not many people are online at once. I only see a few people on servers at any one time.

You could check how many are online even if you don't have the right tracks, check on GPBikes website and go to "Stats" and then "Servers".



Hey guys, totally forgot I had posted this  ;D. I'm an East Coaster in the US as well! I'd love to just mess around with you guys. Do you guys have any Instant Messaging app ? I didn't even notice you guys had replied to this thread.

Let me know!  :)


Hey Tosteetos. You can come crash with us  :D

We try to be on in the evenings (east coast time). I made a discord group that you (or anybody) can join. I'm on there whenever I play GPB.



Hey guys i would like to crash with other people too!  When will you guys be on next?


I think myself and Brody27 will be on this evening around 8:00p or so. We rode Moto3s on Sepang last night and even tried a 15 lap race.


Okay cool.  Do i need to install the map we use myself?



Download the Sepang Track from here, unzip it, and put it in your PathTo\GP Bikes\gpbikes\tracks directory [my default is C:\Program Files (x86)\GP Bikes\gpbikes\tracks].


You will also need the Moto3 Bikes. They go in your PathTo\GP Bikes\gpbikes\bikes\ directory.


Be sure to grab the Tires and put them in the PathTo\GP Bikes\gpbikes\tyes\ directory.

Once you have all that stuff you should be good to go.


Sorry i was supposed to get wifi tonight but the internet guy never came for some reason so thats why i wasnt on.



Anyone up for some riding tonight?? come and lay down some laps with me.   ;D