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[GPBikes] development of the forum

Started by janaucarre, January 15, 2014, 04:55:10 PM

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I post to say that i am verry happy about the development of all the forums.
Anybody can now find something to develop, physics, paints, bikes, tracks, and the community becomes bigger and wait no more for the next release of the game, we have enough tracks to ride and enough bikes. I say that because i don't see no more complain about next beta.
Now i understand why it's so hard to find something in a forum that i didn't know before it's so big, lol.
Big thanks to the community and big big thanks to piboso for the greatest motorcycle game of the world.
I hope that everybody is so happy than me by the evolution.
Post here your happiness.



The forum and interest in GP Bikes, especially the modding side of things seems to have taken off with the release of GPBikes Beta4/b.

We have a good number of very talented members of the community and things seem to be really moving at a fast pace now..... I'm very happy indeed with the way things are developing! Long may it continue! ;D ;D

PS: Piboso deserves an award for realising the benefit of releasing an .fbx/.EDF exporter to promote the production of professional quality material for GP Bikes and all his sims. A stroke of genius! WELL DONE, Piboso!! ;) ;D