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Suggestions to improve the game

Started by neoraptor, January 16, 2014, 10:37:56 am

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Here is my wishlist to improve the game experience:
* Driver suit, gloves and boots separated from the bike (as helmet now)
* Setting to reduce max angle for the bike or tyre as reducing grip influences too much the grip
* Allow to change bikes when online (to avoid quitting and reentering the server to swap bike)
* Ability to use plugins in replay view (for analysis for example)
* Separated Start and finish lines for rallye stages

* Add some bike informations when choosing bike (for example : power curve, max speed with standard transmission, ...)
* Allow to change bike with the steering commands in the menu (on top of the droplist)

* Documentation about the geometry of the bike (in particular fork)
* Documentation about tyre textures and wear handling

I am overall happy on how the game and community is evolving.
We can already find some informations by ourselves since the files are now unencrypted.
However a little documentation will help the modding community a lot to make more realistic mods instead of having always the same geometry.
I am not asking for finished tools as I know it takes time, but documentation would be great.
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>> Wiki to help modders <<


+10 on everything you said there neoraptor! ;)