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Suggestions and wishlist recap

Started by HornetMaX, January 19, 2014, 10:31:06 PM

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The AI would be really great, driving alone is good, but for me atleast stupid AI will be better than never ending time trials. Online can be good, but I see only two empty servers all the time and I dont think that Im good enough to jump into mp servers right now.


Quote from: Micronex on September 05, 2017, 05:45:06 PM
I dont think that Im good enough to jump into mp servers right now.

You should ! That's how you would imrove your skills. Like IRL, talking with other riders ;)



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I miss a little head shake depending on the speed of the bike. It would give more immersion to the onboard racing.


Quote from: iliekracing23 on October 31, 2015, 08:26:04 AMI'd like to see three main things:

1: More assists for beginning players/players who don't have good controllers: I know it's a simulation, but for new players it can be an uphill climb to get better at the start, especially with the different brakes and it's made worse with a poor controller (that can't be configured or be smooth as other controllers' options). Something like dual braking as seen in the MotoGP Milestone games would be a good start and get more eyes and players to the product.

2: Better crash animations/not having the rider disappear underneath the track: Just would help immersion and realism a lot more and would probably start a trend for crash videos and compilations, furthering promotion of the game. After all, nowadays the best and easiest way to get your game big is by getting it trending on YouTube and other online sites.

3: AI: Not a lot of people like playing online, like myself. Don't doubt it would be hard to program, but considering we're still in beta stage it wouldn't hurt to try out and tweak it/patch it as the game progresses through beta to a full game.

Other than that so far, GPB's becoming one of the best bike games out there. Keep up the great work PiBoSo!  ;D
A.I is a huge one, IMO. Hot-lapping and chasing ghosts/trainers is cool, but we do need the ability to create grids, and race some scalable a.i.
where are we gonna find 20+ grids online at any time?
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Zombie thread but will reply anyway.
Making even a half decent AI for a motorcycle sim is extremely timeconsuming and out of the scope for a one-man-devteam.
There are simply too many parameters to consider.

*Edit: Also consider that for bikes the AI pretty much has to be perfect. Imagine how frustratring it would be to be knocked off the bike as soon as things start to get close. Cars can bump into each other without much problem for the most part.