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May 19, 2019, 02:30:27 pm


World Racing Series beta14 available! :)

WSBK 2018

Started by badexample69, February 26, 2018, 05:50:34 am

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Just watched Phillip Island.. both races. Excellent racing! Fun to see the Kawis struggling finally!! Cannot wait for the next races!! :)


Amazing races, so fun and all great riders.  8)

The Race 1 battle between the 2 yamaha... just epic! And the final lap in race 2... no words!  :-X


Supersport race was also nice. Luke Stapleford on that Daytona beating Sofuoglu. Was so cool. Mahias showed that for no reason he became a chapion last year.

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Racing is better, but find it unfair towards kawasaki, even tho i'm a not a kawa dan at all :D. Every manufacturer should have the same rules, except for ducati ofcourse since they run different CC's.

Not this, if you win 3 times you lose rpm's and stuff like that.
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Hey !

I'm happy guys are talking about it because i keep looking yesterday night, they was no comment about WSBK...  :-\

Because i'm so proud of Mahias victory. It's starts pretty well  ;D (this guys is born is the same village as me, 22 years later, he is the local kid in here, like Marquez in Cervera for example !!)

And great Melandri, both races, perfect ! Forza Italia !!
What a shame for Davies on the second race.. was too excited to be ahead on his first outlap probably :o

I'm happy that Kawa didn't start by killing the suspens right away, the year starts in the good way on WSBK (except this stupid story of flag-to-gflag because of Pirelli's tyres).
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I really like Mahias, and the wey he broke the domination of Kenan who I dont really like. Anyway I admire Stapleford. That guy races in a Profile Racing team which is a transport company. He works as a driver in that company, drives the truck by himself to the tracks, and also works as a mechanic...