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Large Curved Monitor Or VR Headset...

Started by uberslug, March 30, 2018, 11:39:37 PM

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March 30, 2018, 11:39:37 PM Last Edit: March 30, 2018, 11:43:06 PM by uberslug
If money was no object, what would you buy? A Large Curved Monitor or a VR Headset?

If you would go for the monitor, which one?

If you would go for VR, Vive Pro, Samsung Odyssey, or Oculus Rift?


If money is no object, get them both :)

I'm pretty pleased with a 21:9 monitor (AOC ag352ucg, a slightly newer one is coming/already out, ag352ugc6, with 120Hz instead of 100 and black stand instead of brushed aluminium).  I just cannot stand the multi-monitor setups and their bezels staring at me in the very middle of the scene.

Careful on the GPU you need though (well, if you play anything else than GPB).


Can't give you comparison between a wide screen and VR but as you can probably guess i'd recommended VR. Naturally if money is no object you'd get the best that's on offer which I believe is this expensive combination: buy a current Vive with the laser boxes and controllers then get a Vive Pro headset next week and have what's arguably the best VR on the market today (or next week).


Check out StarVR 5K 210 degrees of vision Headsets. Gren from Holovis knows what hes talking about lol.

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Never played a game in VR headset but I have heard that some people after playing suffer from dizziness. Not sure if you have ever played in it but maybe before you decide what to buy try the VR headset if it will be good for you.


Trying before buying is definitely on the list of things to do this year.

It looks as though the StarVR and Pimax offer the best FOV. I also saw one that does eye tracking, which could be quite interesting.


StarVR and Pimax HMDs are not yet available, but will be well worth looking at when released. Jut gotta hope current GFX capabilities are up to the job of running them with decent FPS.


If, and only if money is not a thing to worry about, i guess the next gen nVidia (between 11x0 and 20x0, it's on rumour right now) looks like the VR set is going to be easy, at least a lot easier than today (excpet for 1080Ti maybe) --> http://www.guru3d.com/news-story/geforce-gtx-2070-and-2080-could-launch-summer-2018.html
And then every VR even with twice more pixels as it is today won't be an issue.

And i asked about it earlier somewhere in this forum, when DD was doing the videos at Holovis, sure the VR is probably the best in terms of immersion but at the same time, it isolate you completly from the world around...
I'm gonna do as Uberslug said and give it a try but for many reason including the fact that Vr is only gaming (and only some games), if i can, here is the screen i really think about getting. In 2560X1440 which is the resolution i have on my Dell 25" (u2515h)  --> (link in French, sorry) https://www.philips.fr/c-p/BDM3270QP_00/brilliance-ecran-lcd-a-retroeclairage-led-avec-multiview/sp%C3%A9cifications

And flat, i don't like what i've experienced on curved ones.
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I have both a Rift and a 32inch curved monitor. I prefer the Rift anyday over my monitor. The depth perception, world scale, sense of speed and general feeling of "being there"puts the rift (or any HMD) far beyond any flatscreen. IMHO of course... 8)


So, I picked up an Acer Predator X34 this afternoon. I must say it is a far better view than a standard flat monitor.

I look forward to checking out VR Headsets when Wide FOV and EyeTracking are the norm.


Yep. The ultra wide format relly gives a big plus for some kind of games/sims. Curvature IMO is only a little extra, nice to have at this size/format but not absolutely necesary.

Of course VR headsets are something totally on another planet in terms of immersion.