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May 11, 2021, 07:04:03 PM


GP Bikes beta19b available! :)

I want to make mod for WRS, need help.

Started by poumpouny, May 23, 2018, 11:54:19 AM

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Hi Everyone, as you might know (or not  ;D) i'm a 3D Artist, i've start modding in GPB but stopped it since i think there is enough modder for GPB and they are doing great job. In the other side, it seems that almost no modder is interested in modding for WRS. I'm a big fan of Richard Burn Rally (now RSRBR) since years, and in my opinion, there is no rally game that came even close to RBR (Physics). Rfactor 2 might seems an option but since it doesn't handle dirt or snow track/surface it isn't one !. But then i realize that WRS could be the best candidate to be the next "RBR". It has top level physics, it handle all surface type, groove and dynamic terrain deformation etc ...

So i decide to try to make mod for WRS, but don't know where to start, so i have a few question :

1 - Is there an equivalent to Bike Ed for WRS ?
2 - I know that, all Pib's sims ary limited to a certain track length, how long is the limit ?
3 - For first time trying, i will probably rip content (probably some WRC cars) to test and be familiar with the workflow but then i will do it then from scratch, so when that moment arrive, which car could be the more advantageous to be scratch build for WRS (i mean one that could be in the same time be popular, and who knows Pib could one day easily licence etc ......).

I have lot's of question but let's start by those  ;D


1. No. Lining up the parts of the car isn't as complicated. It's not necessary

2. Same as the other games.

3. Anything GRC seems to be a hit lately. IMO a classic rally car or class that doesn't exist in other games would be a good way to attract new players. Personally I have wanted to do short course off-road trucks but lack the modeling skills required. Nothing off the shelf, the series exists in my head only so far.