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May 21, 2019, 02:44:59 am


GP Bikes beta15b available! :)

Ride 3 from Gamescom 2018

Started by davidboda46, August 23, 2018, 05:27:33 pm

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Joking mate.

Physics are always shit :P




November 30, 2018, 10:15:45 pm #34 Last Edit: November 30, 2018, 10:21:24 pm by h106frp

Actually watched some YT vids and its looks dreadfull, no evidence of any physics at all - 120mph leaned over on sand/kerbs/grass!!, strange 'weavy' cornering, huge cutting of corners without any sort of penalty and the graphics look fairly mundane (which is surprising).

And my pet hate - it just looks like flying a camera along a track model and not riding a bike on a track  >:(


 i played and im not impressed. pretty much the same ride 2 was.

BOBR6 84

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horrible physics


I'm surprised by Milestone ;D

worse than Ride 2 :o

+1 the only improvement is the livery editor.. but they have taken away the riding style editor. So its not really an improvement lol. Tracks and physics are bland. I was buzzing for cadwell park and oulton park but they just boring.


Not bad business practice considering they have released basically the same game 3 times now. Rolled it in a bit more glitter  and funnily enough it's still shit...



I always wonder why people care so much about physics in milestone games, where the majority of the players ride in 3rd persons anyway...

How is it to race against the AI? I've read that the AI sticks to it's line and don't care about the player? Do they still brake too late for some corners and rear end you? For example hairpin at Magny Course where in Ride 2 you got hit from behind because AI brakes too late... That was my biggest frustration in Ride 2. I also have MotoGP 15 in which the AI is much better in my opinion... so I think milestone is able to produce descent AI for their games. Just wonder if this is the case in Ride 3...


OK, I bought it and played some hours.

First overall feeling is great. The physics is harder, at least now if you break too hard in lean you crash instantly. So the physics are improved, also the handling feels more dynamic and better. The onboard camera is fantastic. New tracks are also very good.
What is bad? Its clearly visible that many models and parts are importet straight from Ride 2. They are less detailed, have worse physics. Also the off track gip is way too high and wet races feel similar to dry. If they fixed those things as I have mentioned it would be the best motorcycle game ever. At least its my opinion.
So as for casual gaming its fantastic. The best Milestone game up to this date.


Quote from: KG_03 on December 03, 2018, 10:37:36 am
First overall feeling is great. The physics is harder, at least now if you break too hard in lean you crash instantly. So the physics are improved, also the handling feels more dynamic and better.

How? I had to check 5 times if the physics were on Pro and TC was off, and i still wasn`t crashing or even sliding on a 200BPH ZX-10R when driving like a retard. I can cut corners jumping over curbs and hitting the grass under full lean and 100% front brake without crashing. The bikes give me no feedback whatsover, it`s like driving in a vacuum on a weightless vehicle on rails.

I really hoped for a Ride game with the MotoGP 18 physics, as for a arcade game they were getting close to perfect imo. But except for the sounds and sometimes better graphics (very boring and bland tracks) Ride 3 is a step back from Ride 2 in every way...


which bike did you try? I play with agressive throttle and brake setting and it feels different.
Unfortunately bikes are not equal in physics. Some are very good and some suck (like Energica Ego)


Tried yesterday for about 4 hours. I don't like something in the graphics engine (the hdr is just horrible) but the feeling with the bikes is very good for a simcade, you understand what happen before lose the front, the sounds are good and the tracks are amazing. The 3p view Imho is useless and not fun. I played just with the 1p view (not the helmet one, I don't like it, I hope in some new views mods).

The bikes are beautiful and the AI stupid as usual maybe a bit less aggressive.

The livery editor is very fun and a great idea. The career looks fun with a lot of challenges.

But I'm not happy about the Milestone marketing. Why sell useless DlC in the day one??? I see a dlc with just 1 single bike...

7/10 for me.


yes 7/10 is a good rating. I would give the same. Still I have a feeling that game needs like half year of development for testing, balancing and adding some stuff. I think that as long as they will not add custom settings for camera no one will be 100% happy.