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Search download Beta 13

Started by CalimeroFR, August 24, 2018, 08:08:05 pm

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Hi team, in first time, i'm sorry for my bad English !

I want to play a Gpbikes Again, i was stop in Beta 6C ! But i'm back and i see the new Beta 14 but the old bike mod it not compatibl !

I dont want a wait to fix, its possible to have the link for download the old Beta 13 ?

Im very very sorry for my translation...

Thanks dude, good ride & peace


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Bikes from beta 13 are compatible with beta 14

Which bikes are you trying to use??


Thanks at all !!

i just want a play with "little" bikes ! piaggio zip, 80cc, pocket bike etc !

And when i install the bike, the game crash when i start the testing or race ...


MHHH ok its same with the Beta 13 !  :-X

Not pocket bike when i choose in the menu !

Maybe because i dont have a tyres folder ? -_-

Sorry im noob  8) :o


My bad, its ok with the folder "Tyres" !

Thanks again at all !