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Setting Up MS-1 Handlebar Controller

Started by Javier_Bs, September 21, 2018, 06:58:16 pm

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Hi i am newer member and user of Gp Bikes.I have got  a ms-1 Yamaha Handlebar, the problem is brake and gas. Hardware is analog but in the setting is detected like a buttom on/off. Somebody know settings to put like analog?.



The only analog is the sterring/leaning, all the other ones are just switch.
Same on the Thrustmaster.
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I used a MS-1 years ago, I got around the problem by wiring it through a XBOX USB adapter instead of the PS-1(2) adapter to USB. There is programs that also recognize the controller as axis control as well.

Did you setup the MS-1 in Windows controller config? Did you detect and verify the axis in GP Bikes options menu as well? If I remember right (it's been a looooooong time) it took a bit of messing about to get the brake/throttle working correctly in GP Bikes.

If I recall right, the clutch is a button, but, the throttle and front brake lever are axis. I tried the MS-1 on Tourist Trophy and TT Superbikes with great results. Nothing quite like riding a long controlled power wheelie on Tourist Trophy, or pulling a long controlled powerslide on TT Superbikes. The MS-1 has its merits when it actually works... otherwise it's a flimsy, cheap, invevitable headache of a controller.

Alternatively, you can contact DoubleDragonCC here on the forum and buy a quality controller that makes the MS-1 look like the garbage it really is.  :P


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More info from DD himself.


It appears, PS to USB does not work with the controller and GP Bikes (recognizes everything as buttons). As I said before, you will have to physically wire a XBOX (the original one) adapter to the controller as I had done in order to make full use of the xbox controller program. Sorry, it probably isn't the answer you are looking for, but, it's the answer to the question. It truly involves splicing wires to achieve the correct output from the controller to the computer.

If I can find it, I'll figure out what  I wired to where... might have thrown out my old MS-1 years ago though as it stopped working pretty soon after I tried it on GP Bikes as it's just a cheap pile of junk controller overall. Buy from DD and you won't regret it after experiencing the high quality he requires for his designs.


Thanks for replies. Yes i am trying to contact him to get a Hs3


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